Q If I knew how to reach you, I would push you to remain the same. 000822
jackie push me away and i only want you more
hold me close and i will flee
it's your choice
nikki to know your thoughts-
you push me away...
to hold you close only when you say...
to kiss your lips-
you turn the other way...
to hold your hand-
there's an elbow in my side.
but you love me...
what's this game you play?
sphinxradio that look on your eyes tells me you never meant to get in this deep.
sorry. i think this is the part of the movie where you go away for a long time.
kx21 Action: Push
Reaction: Pull or Push or ?
Action: Push
Reaction: Pull or Push or ?
Freak Why do you have to push me. You only push me to get what you want then just say your sorry in hopes that your simple words will fix everything. Give me a break. 020605
perpetual puppet Strange World 020805
just speak i push and push and push.
i should be pulling.

i just don't know how anymore - it has been so long since i've had to do that on my own. i don't know if you want to be pulled now - it's been so long.

what I'm afraid of? i only know that this makes me feel afraid - no clue why.
maybe it's because you're not letting me take the easy way out.
maybe i feel rotten.
maybe i'm so sorry, i can't begin to tell you.
maybe i'm afraid you're upset with me.
maybe i'm afraid you hate me now.
maybe i don't trust you.
maybe i don't want to need you. but i do.
maybe you're what i denied you for. i'm afraid i'll never know.
what a waste of time.
i really began to care about you. i still do.
this hurts me.
It's so easy to push you away, but it's not what I want. there's no point to this, but i do it anyway. am i doing the wrong thing? why can't you tell me? i just need to you to tell me what to do, and i'll do it.

Why is this so hard?
Death of a Rose me over the edge
draw me in with visions of beauty and health.
Keep going on, put weight down, curl toes, sleep.

Store my thoughts together here in one place. Watch and cheer.

Shadows are hidden for a reason.

Listen to your instincts and never stray from them.

Burnish a copper cell for your enemies and consider them alone with their demons.

Organize and stack,
War and Hate,

Love me because I kill people for your freedom.
DB9 no shit sherlock...

push harder watson!
misstree push me
i need to get back from this cliff.
you don't want me falling.
you see
the thing is
i'm a...
you've heard this before.
i need you to push me.
and i need you to remember that
i'm a...
the word tastes ill on my tongue.
can you push me through that
as well?
or is that piece of evolution
mine alone to impale myself on?
i don't know.
i need to be pushed.
ofsuch i will push everyone away as fast and as far as i can. everyone.

but as much as i sit and cry
i still want someone here with me.

but i wont

i will keep pushing everything around me.

until finally
i am alone
in an empty space

just me
just ofsuch

so go away
let me drown myself in despise
if anyone come too close
they will go down with me

so please as much as i dont want to do this,
let me push everyone away.

although maybe
just maybe

someone will keep trying
someone will just walk over
to my empty space
kneel down to me crying in a ball
and hug me

and even if i still push them back
they just might try again

until i break
and let go.
kookaburra my life is push and pull
i pull you to a certain point
then push you away
so you push me away
and i pull you closer

something makes me think we aint gettin nowhere...
hsgatincamail slipping back into the gap again....

i feel the love when you hold me....
... Listen to your instincts and never stray from them.

-bad advice
Myrrdin Stop biting 060919
Ding hows chinese kitchen stop bitting what? 070606
j the solid under the pressing deep
is around here somewhere...
if i can just find that place and push,
i can find up again
i think...
not the j you are looking for or any other letter (drunkenly pressing buttons and should not be associated with any individual aw goddammit they're all words... twisty tangly ones...) 120628
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