dallas This thing is so heavy. 990205
adam like the memory of you pressing on my back and always holding me down and never letting a thought escape from beneath you. weight like the universe.. all on your conscience. it's called regret. 990228
emsie between 119lbs-124lbs. Do you think I'm too thin? 990704
daxle weight doesn't tell how thin you are
it doesn't say how beautiful you are
but if you're 18 and you weigh 105 you'll probably be treated like you're twelve
Joana My neighbour... she's 14 years old... 1,73m and 97kg... her life was destroyed by her weight. She is no longer alive... she's braindead... she doesn't go to the beach... she hardly goes out... she tries new diets every week... she's giving up. She's too young to give up... I hope one day she'll be happy. 990715
Quintessensual From Zero's fuck post, it appears that his name indicates the weight of his brain. 991202
BoofPixie oh hell. 000310
grasshopper I want to weigh 125. I don't know why, other than I'm 5'5" and the numbers seem good together. 000619
Splinken ah, so you're running the hampster wheel too. you and me both, kid. 000619
The Schleiffen Man i am by no means a large schleiffen man.... aside from the fact that i tower over most people at a whopping 6 foot 5 inches tall.... my weight fluctuates daily between 200 and 220 in small increments..... i don't like my tummy... it's a little more round than i'd like... but i'm scared to lose weight.... i'm lanky enough 000619
big bird once, after quitting smoking (2 and a half packs a day, camel, no filter) i shot waaay up in weight, breaking the 300 pound mark, but had gotten back to a respectable 250 within seven months

had it not been for the fact that i had been lifting weights at the time i would have become a pure blob

but the shape i took on during that time gat me a few bar bouncer jobs as a sideline to my previous career as a cellular communications tech
guitar_freak why does it matter so much anyway?
Are you losing weight again? Why aren't you eating as much as you used to? Are you TRYING to lose weight? I don't know! I don't weigh myself. It isn't important to me. I DON'T KNOW!!! I am not hungry. NO!!! just leave me alone!!
the spork i keep losing weight, but it keeps finding me again 001106
13lueee "PLEASE DON'T TAKE A WAY MY SCALE" i think izzy is on a diet i bet she's starving herself...you know thats not gonna work. "I'M NOT TRYING TO STARVE MYSELF I JUST WANT TO MAKE SURE I DON'T GAIN ANY WEIGHT" i think she needs therapy 010324
kx21 What is the weight of U? 010324
13lueee I am 14 and i weigh 128...is that fat??? 010324
mikey depends how tall you are. age has nothing to do with weight well....if your below 10 yrs yeah it does you grow with age but you know what i mean! 010325
vampers is the measure of all things, judged by all, size does matter in this superficial world

ill decide my own
kx21 U's weight - Your weight = U's weight

What is your weight in U?
yummychuckle hey
yeah coming from someone who has an obsession with weight and all that crap and has an eating disorder
and slowly changing my mind about quitting.

anyways I am 14, 5 ft tall and I thins morning after breakfast I weighed 110.

and i obsess over the weight, but what emans the most to me is my size. my waist pisses me off. I am not skinny, people lie to me and try to tell me i am so i'll be happy (but lies dont make me happy)...just look the FUCK around my highschool!!!! the are all thinner than me! and people are telling me I'm skinny.
goddamn it.
so anyways...how are you?
and guitar freak...do u have aol instant messenger? add me if u do: yummychuckle.
yummychuckle also:
hey i found someone else thats 14! maybe I'm not the youngest (as i wondered on a different page)
nemo i'm 110lbs 5'5" and i still look at myself in the mirror and see this fat ugly person i want to destroy with a machine gun every monring of my existance. 010605
Dafremen Yummychuckle....

Forget about it girl. Yer doing just fine. Don't lose anymore weight on account of vanity dear. If you spend too much time staring at the mirror, you life will be over before you're EVER satisfied with your looks.
Sol wait, wait, wait, dont worry about weight, you are who you are, thats the way it is. any number of things make someone attractive (in any sense of the word) least of all a persons waist size. personally I find dieting stupid (and enormous;ly unattractive) if you are bothered that much work on the shape not the size 010605
nocturnal at work I always found stepping onto a scale as uselessly detrimental to one's self image. the numbers may be big (and 110 is anything but big even for your height) but the person may not be. my roommate weighed 140 or so and she was the healthiest person I've ever met, literally. she looked great, I never would have guessed she weighed any more than 125 and that's the maximum estimation. 010605
rubydee once i threw my scale out the window,
angry with the numbers
not moving downward
staying stuck at an unnacceptable place
it crashed on the street below
and for a brief moment i felt free
but then two weeks later
in a fit of having-to-know-right-now
i went to the thrift store
and purchased another
it's never worked quite correctly
and somehow
that makes it's presence okay
ClairE Eh, I wish it didn't matter so much.

The_other_day, I decided that if there were no number to compare it to--if one had a scale that had a mark where your weight was at the starting point, and you could see whether you gained or lost, but no numbers, you'd be happier.

But my friend Crystal said no.
bridgeburner A number may belong to a person, but it doesn't represent them. 050105
lrig i've always thought i'm fat
i just realised recently maybe i'm almost not... i'm 5'11, 140-160ish
which is somewhere in the middle of the "normal" weightrange, i think

*pokes belly*
i just need exercise and better food, is all
. blather_spam 060517
shrinking bird 263-1/2

down from 298 on New Year's

Partly because of my own efforts, partly because i may be on the verge of another bout of ketoacidosis

still, though, i feel better having lost 34 pounds in seventeen weeks than i did the last time my blood went funny and i ended up losing 58 lbs in 12 weeks
uglytruth my heart is heavy all the time with the weight of loving two men, but having chosen between them.

it's a horrible weight to bear.
fetch a chicken make poyama! ahahaha!!!! 070912
amy being a jerk some people have a knack for keeping it close to them, like a puppy that's afraid of the rain. ask yourself: is it the fear of not having children or the fear of not being lovable. it could be both, in which case, proceed to work on one or the other. for one thing, life is work, and for another it's not too fair. i find that believing in rebirth makes everything both all the work and the unfairness more bearable. after all, are your feelings a truly accurate reflection of objective reality? you would only believe so if you were very bullheaded.

i took about 3 years to work through the having children issue. i just don't believe in relying too heavily on others to help me sort through these things. i start to wonder who is who, is the problem.

so, feminism is something to be studied, not a declared notion of superiority. meditation is something to practice, like a violin. impermanence, when used as a word, is of course an intellectual concept. letting go of the people in your past is a nice thing to do.

lighten up... pick yourself up. you want a more Aquarius-y Saturn Return than a Capricorn one. be creative, inventive, have acquaintanceships, not fully invested romances. (of course, i should talk... i do have a lot of resentments, myself. i work at them, though, i swear i do! it never helps when you soak up other people's negative energy like a sponge, though)
In_Bloom It's lifting, finally
I'm sleeping and dreaming again
For now
. i dunno, all i know is that...
i'm hungry.
n o m e e lose weight, not sleep 101104
re_alisma If I stay within reason, and make allowances for aging and medication, I would have about 10lbs to lose. If I really dream hard, I have 40, and if I want to go back to college days, 30 lbs. At any rate, I'm working at it, but I've never been, really, an athlete. So some days I get quite a bit of exercise in, only to be numbed out and distracted the day after. Also I think if I eat any sugar at all I get cashed out for at least 12 hours. I know, excuses, excuses. I bet I could come up with even more.... But I bet you, also, that I'm doing quite a good job with this, lately. 110726
n o m i should lose 20 110922
n o m seriously. 110925
re_alisma I am working on permanently eliminating my appetite, by regularly eating what's adequate and making all kinds of deep negotiations with my body that it can live with.

Also I was all looking forward to going running today, but it's kind of really raining.

The exercise video room has big stacks of books in it, and their existence seems be some kind of an impediment. I do have some ideas about what type of exercise I should be doing, though, and it's not running (yet) or joy-in-the-face dance videos or modest but still impossible yoga. So. I guess, yeah, that.

But the main problem is mostly the mental and physical, or mental-physical appetite along with getting super-annoyed about one thing or
another. But I think that's just part of the adjustment.

It is going down, though, that much is true.
aj the heavy times, the relentless rhythm

when life, the grinding wheel of iron,

lifts you for now, but however high up

I go, it then descends and drives down

in the dark dirt and damage, and again

relentless revolutions, reminding

of the lightness, the love, the loss.
what's it to you?
who go