number 13614 010727
phil you can see your reflection is just about anything. 020805
phil fill the glass using a straw, blowing water from your mouth.
To fill the glass you must remove the straw.
x breathe in your nose while breathing out the straw 020904
~gez~ sitting cross legged with one foot ontop of the opposite thigh, and the other foot wrapped round to be ontop of its opposite thigh. hands resting on shoes in an upside-down okay position.

the lotus position

this is how its done
everythingisfine is the process of searching for a interlaying connection with the universe 040716
hsg or to unconnect so as to freely re-realize all connection possibilities.

kill brain go insane
mind dead will ahead

don't mind the freedom of undoing all your security

wash your straight jacket
sanitize your mold
let go conviction
openness unfolds
hsg lotus position
nothing left nothing right
it's all good in the hood
duality died in as word figh tonight
desire sober
hunger's hungover
empty insight
rest in middle
all that's left is right
spinning the world's music of these fears is silenced to night
How can * Manjusri's_Gatha_Teaching *

Meditation on the nose is only an expedient
Means to control the mind by fixing it for the moment,
But wrong dwelling can create an illusory abode.

this be used to achieve perfection?
the awful truth when we met
fingers cold in the wind and you walked me to that bench
where i stopped
but walked in the wind and looked back at me
and i thought,
kindred soul.
and i know you inside and out, i dont care what you hold
in your head
the past is dead.
You are what you are you are what you make yourself.

and now
oh, i'm so intense
oh, you're so serene
oh you're so convinced
that i'm oh so wrong
you knew all along
just what's right with me
well, get this:
that's some shit.
i don't know what you think about me or this life or these choices we make
but get this.
this is it.
this is one shot you got and i'm watching you blowing it.

well maybe one day this will all make some sense
you'll be thinking the same but looking so different
the lies that you've been beaten with by the life that you hold so dear to your side will finally break and rain down on you and
i could be there,
to pull you through.

well maybe, sweet child, your mind is like mine, and you hate what you see in me, yet feel it inside.
and maybe, sweet baby, i'm a little too dark for you right now because you've ripped apart this "self" from your self, and you hold it up high, and you look at me, knowing, and you smile, and die.

and maybe you might comprehend
these letters, these verses i send
and maybe one day you'll see
that i know what you need and
i need you to see
and maybe you might understand
that this whole thing is rigged,
there IS a master plan
but it's not what you think,
it's not rigged by the gods
it's nature, it's omens, it's risks, and it works.

and maybe you might realize
maybe that day will arrive
where we'll live and forgive and forget

but till then i'm just holding my breath.

when i stand
on the roof
looking down through the fog at the people below on the street
what i see?
a reflection of something that i'll never be,
in my mirror,
in my head,
there are thoughts that you'd think drive me crazy,
instead, keep me whole,
help me see
that everyone's different, but you, and but me,
and everyone cares and everyone fights and everyone drinks till they fall
but i look in your eyes,
and i see me,
and then, i understand it all.

and maybe you might realize
maybe that day will arrive
where we'll live and forgive and forget

but till then i'm just holding my breath.
unhinged basking in the glow the thought of you makes in my heart, fully present in the happiness you make in me, you are my newest meditation. 061019
Caroline 452 quoting Oliver Wndell Holmes (1809-18 Tic-tac! tic-tac! go the wheels of thought; our will cannot stop them; they cannot stop themselves; sleep cannot still them; madness only makes them go faster; death alone can break into the case, and, seizing the ever-swinging pendulum, which we call the heart, silence at last the clicking of the terrible escapement we have carried so long beneath our wrinkled foreheads . . . Will nobody block those wheels, uncouple the pinion, cut the string that holds those weights, blow up the infernal machine with gunpowder? . . . If anybody would only contrive some kind of lever that one could thrust in among the works of this horrid automaton and check them, or alter their rate of going, what would the world give for the discovery? 090515
hsg highest_eye 110816
unhinged 'in meditation practice you place your attention on the breath in mindfulness practice and when it strays into thought you notice that and let_go and come back to the breath. every time you notice and let_go and come back it's like flexing that muscle that enables you to return your attention to the present moment. so we practice doing that with the breath in meditation not so that we can become awesome breath followers but so that we can place our attention on our life which takes courage because we need to let_go of our judgements and hopes and fears and that's what meditation and mindfulness teach us to do: to let_go of those things which we use for protection and instead attend to what is happening right now. in my mind, there is nothing more courageous than that' - susan piver 170519
unhinged is how we draw god down 201104
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