dallas I don't even know what just happened. 980901
heidi where people sleep when they go camping 981117
coldtea all the folks from
godspeed you black emperor!
crammed into my kitchen
Joana Where am I? 990715
lokkust the fact that someone above mentioned godspeed you black emperor! is intense. 991110
marjorie Things get intense
It's bound to happen
Time starts to either stand still
Or it just bellows at you and throws you to the earth trying to shatter you
You think I'm joking.
You think I'm trying to scare you.
You're right.
but it's for your own good.
greyblue eyes
gazing at me
behind lowered lashes.
MollyGoLightly arguments with the girl across the hall about the "10 Reasons Why Beer is Better Than Jesus" sign on our door. 000520
damian Do you really mean I'm loud, annoying, silly, blatant, rude, overzealous and bizarre

when you say I'm intense?

I thought so.
morphine. burn
no fire
misstree heart of heat
Spinner People always say I'm too intense... what the fuck is that all about?? Like I get up in the morning and decide to be as intense as I can be, gonna take things to the extreme! damn. It's like they all see things in shades of grey and the want to persecute me for seeing things in colour. I am what I am and it works for me... most of my relationships have resulted in the other person getting their bones crushed and their hands burnt... I guess I challenge the core of what you are? Maybe. I test just how much of your identity is governed by your ego. Most people can't handle that truth, I think it hurts to much. 040831
Syrope the times i can't speak
it still feels like you understand
mourninglight "The invitation to Miss Myrna St. Claire's bobbing party spent the morning in his coat pocket, where it had an intense physical affair with a dusty piece of peanut brittle."
- f. scott. fitzgerald (this side of paradise)
monee intensely trying not to be 041207
fini my instinct tells me you'd not fear my intensity. maybe i'm wrong. maybe you really do think i'm a lunatic.

you confuse the hell out of me. is my perception that mottled? apparently.
$498 Wal-Mart unveils cut-price laptop under 500 dollars

Tue Dec 21, 3:17 AM ET
staying intense staying alive! life. the good die young. usu only aft living an intene life. it can be sad. so very sad. not as sad as living a long time without really living, though. 061125
amy def #1. occurring or existing to a high degree; very strong 080430
camille in_tents 090701
In_Bloom I count days as I count calories, living to taste the minimum of you in order that all else around me becomes more bearable

Strange how I have no idea of myself until you come into view and throw all to contrast

Because of you
The taste of flattery is thin and I am hungry all the time
ungreat your mom can be intense for a lack of a better word. Her relationships have a side of dysfunction which apparently only me and my shrink see. Whats intensely disappointing is that you excuse it with a "that's my mom" not ever acting like what she said was inappropriate. One day I'd really like to hear you say "I'm sorry she makes you uncomfortable". Or "I understand that you don't want to go over because she might say something upsetting". Not you totally bonded over bridezillas. Because that wasn't bonding that was finding common ground so she couldn't bring something else up. 090702
unhinged i've never had sex like that before

hsg it isn't great sex unless you break something! a night table, fine china, some ribs perhaps. 090703
unhinged well he broke my hang ups about sex so i would say that's the greatest sex. we had sex twice, fell asleep for a few hours, then woke up and had sex again. we do it like bunnies and it only gets better. finally, a boy i enjoy having sex with. *sigh* 090703
WHOA the blathes have been so InTeNsE lately, guYs!!! 090704
hsg woo_hoo! breaking_hang_ups definitely a plus.

hehee... bunnies
unhinged the more intense the flame the faster it goes out 090821
Lover_Of_Light The president of the Good Intentions Paving Co. told me this:
"some burn with greater intensity"
He didn't lie
u24 it doesn't take long for you to get inside my mind. 110315
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