psyki i could use some right now.
my feet are cold.
MollyGoLightly "Necesito que me apaguen el fuego"
---Faustino Oramas
birdmad radiating from my fingertips when i touch you,because there's no other way you would know i was blushing 000401
cutswift spat celebrity
onto the laps
of hairdressers'
burning idolatry
into lifestyle
shaped retinas.
ClairE Feel the.

Most of the time, when the heat finally goes on, it is when the sun turns on, too. So it is a little bit of the time way too hot, and mostly much too cold.

Usually, when it does start, it sounds like I left the water running in the other room. Once it sounded like a giant scratching his nails against sandpaper. Over and over again.
sotto voce one character short of the organ that beats to a time ordered by the basic human emotions

invoked by friction

characterized by a) beads of sweat, b) those emblematically rising squiggles from a cartoon cup of java or frying egg which signify vaporous emission, c) the color red, d) etc., e) etc.

starts in my ears and becomes evident on my face , my cheeks, my lips, my neck, and spreads down my back to the base of my spine-- pins and needles, torture enough to want to shout out, "enough already"
and you figure what more do you have to lose... just chill and start explaining.
lycanthrope ...immolate me 020302
no-one Sitting in the car with my dad. HE has the heat turned on full blast. My jeans have zippers on them. The heat feels so nice burning its way up my leg, warming me from the outside in. I get home, and I have a burn on my leg.

But it felt so good.

Now i have my legs on top of a heater. My basements freezing. I hate being cold.
u24 ...is actually just very small bits of motion
minnesota_chris The weather has been so hot. I feel like the energy, the creative juices flowing through my mind have thickened to something like caramel. Oozing through my salty greasy self, spreading like a stain. 050716
rubydee somehow spending all day in the air-conditioner makes it tons worse.

freezing cold inside
with a side of humidity out.
hsg i love to sweat 050725
pete i can't believe even with the windows open and the temperature around 0 outside that i'm still sitting here sweating in 28 degree apartment weather. what the fuck? 070409
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