Shar Our walls are barren. There are piles of Coke cans near the sink. The fridge is cluttered with expired condiments.

But I love coming home after classes. My roommates and I bond over crappy late-night movies, obscure indie bands, and cold plates of Pokemon-shaped macaroni and cheese.

I sure will miss it when I leave.
startfires we lived in 311. outside our window was a huge wood fence. like, three feet away from my window so when i looked outside all i saw was the wall holding me in. 001026
Barrett The best part is, No Fuck'n Yard Work! 001026
rose Drew comes online and tells me, you're staying in town next year. You're not going away to college.

I ask him why, and he says, because you're going to live with me. We're getting an apartment.

And it sounds so good I am tempted to turn down Harvard.
only gray Wolves yeah but you can't have pigs or dogs
i don't think i care to see the apartment this time

but i think i will skip harvard also because my mind is rotten with disease and decay

i might be gone but maybe midnite if i'm up 4 a byte
june my friend seems to have had a problem the other night with two males pounding on her door saying they might break in

i didn't find out until 5 minutes ago and it seems she was scared

i used to live with her in the same apartment but recently i moved and i am afraid maybe it wasn't for her

i wonder if Scotty Wot ever received all the mail a girl sent him and the one containing the new address number
it isn't far but still

i don't know who is messing with these letters and scattering information in bits and pieces to various unknown people they keep messing everything up
Colonel Sanders festering puke green shag carpet, moldy refridgerator, broken glass ground in, bad wiring, its a piece of shit but its all i got (or did) till i move to Cedar Rapids, Iowa 040913
nom go clean 060315
jordie I've seen so many.
Most through the haze of smoke and alcohol.
My favorite was the one downtown.
I remember he was having a party - it was summer for the college kids.
But I was still in school.
High school girl.
There were vintage posters on the walls, a keg in the small tile kitchen.
They had a bar with these stools with band logos on the seats.

Smoke lifted in elegant curls to the ceiling.

He was there.
The one I wasn't supposed to see.
But it was one of the best memories I have.

When I woke up I was next to him.
Smoke lingering in my hair.
It was early and I liked the paintings in his bedroom.
I miss that time.
violet strangt i am still waiting
for that apartment
with the walls reverberating comfort
and inviting vintage chairs
with a cat
and maybe a human
maybe college
maybe never
megan i made pillows for my room
i really like pillows

and this was a cheap way to decorate
Soma I love being here. In my first apartment. With my other aparartment mates. We talk about nerdy things like Harry Potter and cook dinners together. We get along great, and it's so fucking perfect. God I love apartment life.

is blissful.
what's it to you?
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