jennifer I watched "Stigmata" the other night
and the song in the beauty salon scared me...

rent it... it's a good movie.

I give it 'til March 18th.
deb oh la la la
what a lovely film

but it caused a torrent of tears,
i must say...

upon the balcony
we both had our little spiel
we shed our tears of self pity
listnened intently
while the other told their tale
got misty
and cried some more
because life just isn't fair
and i don't know what more i can do
and you're scared that you'll
be right
and the world will come crashing to your feet

all the while
we were standing there
about our growing
ghostly scares
oh god
don't let anything happen to us
because she's violent now
she's angry
and it seems to be at me

is a good movie
i agree ;O)
amy i am puzzled about why the bjork song was put in this movie. i haven't actually seen the movie, but i know what it's about... and the bjork song is like the antithesis to it. bjork's record company, probably, looking to cash in on their artists. bjork herself probably didn't have much say, or didn't care... i stand by the song, as confusing as it now seems to be. what i mean to say is i mean it when i say you two need not be forsaken... that love is out there... sometime, somewhere... and that trust me, i know it's not always easy to see. 000316
MollyGoChristly Since when was Stigmata an obscure movie? Or is it the song that's obscure? I fear I'm a bit turned around... 000404
jennifer neither were obscure... it just happens to be my favorite word.

the song, for the record, was just shockingly placed
silentbob I think people don't understand me..
but maybe they do and i'm just romanticizing my "freaks" nature.
Perhaps she is the one who totally understands me.
Or maybe she doesn't know me at all
birdmad the entire catalog of work by the band Rudimentary Peni


the picture from the Cacophony CD...don't look at it if your reallyrealyreally high
. : * p s y b o r g * : . Obscurity rules. A lot of my favorite things are obscure. 011104
illusionary_reality a lot of things are more obscure than they seem. a lot of obscurities are more specific than you'd like to think. nevertheless, we see what we want to and we what we don't miraculously disapppears from our horizon. so there really is no point to obscureness is there? 040626
spiffy obscure is such a cool word. say it out loud a couple times. obscue. obscure. obscure. it's sounds neat, doesn't it? 040626
d11 The infernal hurricane that never rests
Hurtles the spirits onward in its rapine;
Whirling them round, and smiting, it molests them.
When they arrive before the precipice,
There are the shrieks, the plaints, and the laments,
There they blaspheme the puissance divine.
I understood that unto such a torment
The carnal malefactors were condemned
Emptyness Alive This world 060518
Emptyness Alive our hearts
our minds
our torments
all obscure to all
sometimes even ourselves
what's it to you?
who go