rsdio There's one living behind my fridge. 990604
donaldson rhymes with "jerk",
not "dork"...
gudmundsdottir "not till you halo all over me
i'll come over
not till it shimmers round your
i'll be yours

i weave for you
the marvellous web
glow in the dark threads
all neon like."

see: yellow
gregg is the goddess
shining a knowledge
with a dandelion flower
and an ocean wave that melts like electrons down my wall...
"this is so powerful it should be illegal" he said
Brad elitist though i am, i must admit... her voice intrigues me. I rather enjoy her music... very talented and i would guess clasically trained. 000516
larla might then like her jazz cd, gling glo, if it weren't for the annoying drummer... she plays with her voice a lot on that one. she went to a music school when she was a kid. 000516
Brad There's a chance i would... i'm a jazz musician myself and although somewhat of a purist i could give it a shot. 000516
larla yeah... bjork's not a purist in the genre sense of the word. but she is a weirdo, so maybe she gets credit there. 000516
MollyGoLightly Anytime Brad likes a musician that I like I am absolutely floored. It doesn't happen too often... 000517
Tiffa With the love you send it encompasses all and all is nothing. to love to hate is my own destiny it is in the flight of the moth that all is revealed.
The Moth Brings News of
our Living Goddess. Can one
Interpret Her words?

Hush!The wings beat 'gainst
my face. And now...
The window.

Stringless harps show me
notes of the moth's beating wings
the message - it speaks.

In dedication to both the icelandic goddess and The King Of Corrupters.
Much love.
moonshine I cringe when I see Bjork, but I have to say her music maybe something to relish. 000910
amy interesting... i first saw her on Saturday Night Live when i was in middle school or something. She was singing Birthday with the Sugarcubes. I absolutely hated her. Then a few years later, I heard her on the radio and I felt weird, but also felt like I wasn't up to it, yet. And then a few years after that, she really really caught my attention. I don't "see" her too often.. mostly her music and her interviews. the obsession has been fading, lately. 000910
no human i have always thought of her as a little pixie and now i think she has evolved into a monster. not only is she way ahead of her time but she gets shit for that. see her new movie-it is horribly sadistic and i was grateful for every moment of it. i hope she can continue to leave such a lasting effect of such a landscape of emotion as she is capable of for many more years to come. 000925
moonshine I m the hunter
I ll bring back the goods
but I don't know when...
j_blue she isnt human, she is too great, too much, just thinking about her is too much. 001010
Barrett She's actually a wood nymph. 001010
whirligirl Cobwebs, a bakery sign
A sweet clementine
Dancers in line
moonshine Its OHHhhhhhhhh so QUIET... 001010
splinken bjork makes me think of high school. the best things about being 16 are all on Post. pretty boys with barrettes in their hair, dancing in my room, heels wearing circles into the carpet. not circles, really--hemispheres.

the pinks and purples on the cover. (ever notice how we use record terminology when we talk about CDs?) maybe it comes out of a tape player in someone's car. but Post is best to listen to by yourself, so you can imagine someone listening to it with you. and your partner can change when the song does. because one song is good to song along to with a serious girl, while another (like Isabel) is better when you dance to it with a pretty boy with barrettes in his hair: but you can't look at each other while you dance. that's the hard-and-fast Bjork Rule.

i'm 20. i think that boys with barrettes in their hair are kind of silly. except when i listen to Post. then they are deadly serious.
birdmad and soon again

Barrett Lampposts, bottles and cuttlery? 001011
Barrett sorry!

Car parts, bottles and cuttlery?

(too much Nick Drake)
j_blue boys and barretts are cool (pun? intended) 001011
poof im gone she's so crazy 010317
Glory Box Her voice is a scream, a sharp cry to battle, to sleep. She can make you do anything. She can make you cry, simple by raising the pitch. She is sunset and firetowers, and executioners and misunderstanding. She is so much perfect sound, in so small a package.

There is nothing to describe.

All of this sounds silly. Just trust me. Find out for yourself.
open . i like her slow emotive driven songs, but can't stand her techno like songs.

Her lyrics, they are good sometimes. I've seen better, but I've seen oh so much worse as well. I think, the only problem with them I have, is they are so much of the typical artisan's perspectives. I've been trying to shake myself of those.
bjork is new to me, and i don't rave, so she's very new, and i had this open mind of my own kind about her i wanted to share with everyone. so that's my statement ending with a period but open to expansion and my own mind is still open, even though this still ends with a period, it's not so final, or finale either.
plaid she is guiding you 020410
birdmad ....a ball of yarn 020410
unhinged a blatherer started me listening to her. i cried very hard once listening to vespertine.

ryan used to listen to the sugarcubes. he listened to all kinds of weird things.
Photophobe loves Bjork Its not up to you!
(It never really was.)
Tiffa I knew if I wandered here I'd find him.

Plaid - I am following you until you notice. You can't just up and dissapear for nigh a year without me noticing your return.

*crosses her sore arms and plants her feet* I'm not going ANYWHERE!
eklektic she's the only girl you would leave me for, you said.

and seeing as how you probably won't ever really enter into any meaningful relationship with her....
Rickster *runs around the room screaming BJORK!!!!* * shakes fist * 021226
hyper-freakizh human behavior and big time sensuality unplugged rules. so does the version of joga and bachelorette in some mtv live session.

the live series of vespertine is 80 bucks here! grr.

"I go through all this
Before you wake up
So I can feel happier
To be safe up here with you"
crimson Love what she does.

Will used to call himself Bjork and I answered to Madonna.
u24 video of 'pluto' (live at cambridge) is wikit. 031121
acidshank i bought her greatest hits cd, and i didnt like it the first few times i listened to it. i listened to it more. cuz i couldnt just stop for some reason. i learned to love her, it was like click, and i cant get enough of her. its so amazing. all my friends like her too. they say im like her, unique and different in the wierdest way that wasnt like anything else.
i am i. nothing else.everything i am is me.
but more bjork. yes. i love her. i want to get more. i wish i had money. goddamit!she makes me feel so much more than reality can give. like dreams.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl he loves her music.
we sat and cried to it.

emotion filled yet numb
bleeding oxymorons of sound whispered from the cd player.

we sat
we cried

perfection and imperfection simultaneously

nobody else really understands her music
it speaks volumes
her voice sending chills spilling through my body
goosebumps startled from the unprepared flesh
yet he feels her music more
sometimes it doesnt feel of this earth.
. 041129
magicforest Yeah, fuck Bjork too, right?

rolls her eyes
fix 041129
Poot Everyone here is so vulnerable.
And I am, as well...
mt her videos are glimpses into the most beautiful and alien underwater scenes 050118
twiz some good music 050215
amy wishes i'm not so hot on artists after overdosing on this woman's work. 090701
amy nada i have been on hiatus as a fan for quite some time now. however, recently i've waded into her descriptions again with Nattura and the Drawing Restraint soundtrack. these don't sound too comfortable at first, but are definitely worth the listening effort. recommend "Holographic Entrypoint" 100307
Doar army of me 111112
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