The Truth Life is powerful
Hope is powerful
Faith is powerful.

Love is powerful.
nanny Hate is even more powerful. 010921
Washington Mutual Hate is a weakness. 011009
blaber mouth I feel so powerful but so weak so angery but so compationet so fast but so slow so bad but so good how the time going to end when your at the end of the tunel! 020709
the two who is to say what can be done
if something becomes too large to handle
since it could very well envelop us all
for a defenceless nation
is very rich indeed
for only one man
can end it
because two
would attract attention
phil What Makes Phil So Powerful
by phil
ya, it's food, P&S.
phil today 020729
yup thin line 040629
The Devil Satan exists. 040629
Monarch9 8. CRITICAL THINKING AND DISAGREEING WITH THE LEADER IS FORBIDDEN. The slave must suspend ability to think critically or disagree with leader. The slave must never question the Master (also called the handler), never get angry at the handler, or else the slave wants to be punished. The slave must always obey or pay with pain. The alters are splintered from others so can’t use their information for analysis. 040629
onegrrl this sudden axial awareness
of your place in my life
where I find peace
with awakening atonement
sab and i was feeling so powerful this morning

and now with a single sentance, doing what i have been previously told is the Right Thing

its gone
and i am gone



Xeneth Sparda

I am

You can be, if you know how

when you are, don't missuse
weeto my cat is a powerful being 060116
Ryakoth Imagination is power
Imagination is freedom
Power is the ability to refuse
what's it to you?
who go