Pay. Oh, you will pay.
You will pay taxes and you will pay welfare and you will pay auto insurance. Oh, ho ho.
For sure! i don't even get payed for all the hard work i do here. 000712
marjorie there's a bill a mile long
floating down the columbia
and the people tear off pieces every year
it's the new tax paying system
and we all can do our part
and don't shirk your duty
now... get over here.
tear a piece off for yourself. tear a piece off for your mother.
tear a piece of for your father,
for your sister,
for your brother.
tear a piece off in the morning
and then tear one off at night
tear one when you're feeling happy
tear one when you're in a fight
just remember to be careful
and to pay all of your dues
because if you do not
who knows what will happen to you.
god stuh 021117
hellen For the free innovations of the past, with the hidebound stagnancy of the future.
For the release from care, with the unseen burden of ignorance.
For the creation of a city, with the destruction of Something Beautiful.
Talvi Fatin It's that moment when a whole 2 weeks of your life is converted into a few pieces of paper...and then you have to hand those few papers to another person just so you can live. 090723
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