tender words for tender times
and danger to those who obey
royal hampers hold majestic deeds
and small people change the world.
unhinged i'm sick of being careful with my life. i want to kick it around like one of those boxes of china and see how many pieces it smashes into. i love the sound of brokenness...tinkle clank jingle. kinda like when i shake my head...haha. 010102
unhinged they always tell me to be careful. mixing narcotics and alcohol isn't smart you know. maybe it's my subconcious death wish. and their words of concern just annoy me. i will swallow what i want to swallow. i know that i could die. maybe that's part of the thrill of it. it helps me sleep. sleep so close to....

hhhmmm...never realized how morbid i was. my life could never change anything so what's the point of being careful with it? i like to toss china plates into brick walls. i like to mix drugs and flirt with guys i don't know or take a ride in a friend's car at 4am. slut, bitch, whore, cunt, need to be careful with the image as long as i'm not hurting people.
kelli crane i like that attitude..
one night my girlfriend and i and some other friends were doing tons of coke. lines....smoking...whatever, enough to like really be dangerous. she popple a xanax and looks at the whole group and says.,,"do you think that's dangerous?" We died laughing. She was so cute. I said "honey the xanax is the least of your worries right now, we still have an 8-ball left."
kelli crane POPPLE? that's popped. 020115
Staind_And_Souless "i've got something for you, be careful with it. It's my heart. Don't drop it, don't crush it, don't break it. Just hold on to it, keep it safe, and be careful with me. I'll give you my soul, my dreams, my whole being. If you'll give me yours too. I promise I will be carefull with it too." 021008
~gez~ i fucked up then did not i. i think i will not mention this again, i am just hoping you do not either. i feel so stupid 021008
~gez~ i will have to be more careful in this future 021008
Kyle VanDusen cautious 030227
nemo careful what youre feeling on inside you should try to remember the good times and the high life... are you feeling alright?

finger 11
hsgatincamail balance 040701
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