typhoid making sounds like a dying rabbit
and calling it music.
bunny rabbit don't tickle me now.
(and the succulent red juice still dripping like an overipe pomegranate)
silentbob some people say i'm cute
but i think they think i'm just annoying.
KBBSBSKB Now please, please ANNOY ME!
Any time, any hour, sweet 'n sour.
Yes, yes, god YES! ANNOY ME!
Hug me, tease me, draw me near.
Let me please you, let me love you, Dear.

Annoy me, annoy me, please annoy me,
any day, any hour, sweet 'n sour.
Hug me, tease me, draw me near.
Shake me, wake me, make me make love to you, Dear.

Yes, yes, god YES! ANNOY ME.
Yes, yes, K YES! ANNOY ME!

Copr. 2002
silentbob why do i like that? 020211
december why is this topic so unusually low in blathers? 020811
Christ without the cross things_that_annoy_me_about_things_that_annoy_me 061206
amy nada cthulu is annoying... like when a planet contacts somebody's sensitive points in synastry, that's annoying too. otherwise, if you're not annoyed by contacty planets, you just feel entitled to them. which i suppose is okay if you've got a ring on your finger.... or you're otherwise disposed to letting it fly and all that...
mostly, it's mildly annoying scenes.

or sentences. yo soy guilty.
second-rank tensor field strange smells that
in your f r i d g e.
i sought,
i swear-
i have,
to learn these pestilent mysteries but
not anything,
reek produce/ers did i actually
what's it to you?
who go