c´èst la parole
le mot
la tissu
im a birdmad baby so why dontcha kill me un perdedor 010509
nocturnal I was waiting to see how long it would take for someone to say that. 010509
carden soy sauce 010509
green_tenedril with intolerances lactose intolerant.

soy milk,
fake cheese
fake ice cream
(fake plastic freeze)
s!m am i right
that you
equal to
Tybay soy un dio
que genial!
monadhsith yummy yummy yummy
thats me :) 010517
nocturnal alright, THAT'S IT! I'm sorry but I have a SERIOUS problem with people running around blather putting the same FUCKING thing on every page they hit. either say something different, or anything at all for that matter, or please for the love of anything you value, STOP!!!!!

-thank you so much for your consideration,
dannyH Not so dumb as it looks. Check the list - see Soy index himself. 010518
screwing for virginity soy_bomb 030123
sim 1. soy: bean.
Widly discussed as protein-powered solver of mankinds food- and health problems on the one hand and cancer causing gen-tech monster-plant which kills 3. world agriculture structures for the economic sake of western soy-industries on the other.

2. soy: i am
In spanish soy means simply "i am" and there is not much more to add.

3. soy: bomb
Back in '98 this combination was defined by a member of
"A Soy Bomb is a spontaneous act of individuality that disrupts the flow of Corporate Cheese. Soy in Spanish means 'I Am', and a 'Soy Bomb' is an Explosion of SELF amidst a sea of cheese."
In fact until now there has only been one real "soy bomb" in history ;)

4. soy: the word, the essence the tissue
From the dogon language translated to french so' means the word and soy says the essence and the tissue.
The translation of the complete meaning of soy would be a mythological description of the impact that the development of spoken language had on the social structures and processes of the human world.
. It causes men to get large breasts. 041117
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