mareberry i watched my words stream down your face like tears on my pillow. i kept silent so long, intent to remain nameless, faceless. i thought i might have changed you, my words seemed so much stronger then. but now i realize that i am too weak to make an impact on you, too lost in my regret to try again. 990505
andrea her expression perfected by make-up & good lighting causes my face to seem dull & plain in comparison & not at all how i imagined. my streaky blush & smeared mascara smudge my face. no matter-why would anyone look at me when they could gaze upon her?

copyright 1999
lost I make an impact on lives through truth as well as lives
I get passed you eyes
and leave an etched memory forever
its my gift my intentions ARE only well
lost god damnit thats what i get for trying to type so fast. 010427
nonlucid It seems odd that any small event or action should have the power to change something major - a step off a cliff can kill somebody, an exploding bomb (only takes a moment to press the button) can destroy the world. But, on a large scale, it doesn't really matter if you or I die - on a universal scale it doesn't really matter if the Earth ceases to exist.

There's also all the events the occurred up to a certain point which are part of the action - the decision to step or placement of a pebble to make you trip - the time required to make the bomb

So maybe it's not so fantastic after all... it's still weird
Arabian Proverb A lion's roar carries not so far as the whisper of a beautiful woman. 071208
Rob rumble
flowerock some things stand out in my memory. I was walking with a professor at the U_of_A when I was maybe 15 years old. He was a prrofessor with classes in history/sexuality/politics. We were talking about the current state of certain things and about what it may bring. Being so young and unaware of the broad_reality and the real_effects of what was happening around me I said in response to something he said "it's so silly" he said "no, it is far from silly, it is terrifying." we were silent the rest of the way to the class room. He was right. 140705
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