mungo I have decided to cut a lot of people out of my life. Too many of my friends make me feel bad about myself. Mike makes me feel bad about myself. Dave makes me feel bad. Tony lets me down. Aandrea breaks my heart. Krista plays too many games. Only Courtney makes me feel good, but I can't ever be sure when she'll be around. I'll hold on to Courtney, I'll let everyone else go (for now). 000619
splinken I walk with a straight back and fierce eyes.

Could this be a by-product of my recent decision to eat more red meat?
Raina I will take one and run, thinking to myself, I can't take this lying down. 000926
fish tried to stand up for her, really i did.. just lost my words too soon to be sure they understood.. to be sure she understood.. and then she went away... maybe next time i could just hold her hand and squeeze it when i felt her slipping... 011013
beorn together if possible, alone if necessary
i feel like i have been standing alone to long
anyone want to join me?
Love me?
Kate Most of the time I stand and walk alone, which pleases me. I don't always like being dependent. I like to observe. Are you my type, Beorn? 020422
.blekk.tchynah.dol. i cant stand the way you do this. i really dont. i dont know how to tolerate it anymore. i dont know whether this is good for me. i dont know whether i should start. someone help me, someone get me out of here. someone ... please... 020520
Death of a Rose apart, make your voice individualistic, fill it with emotion.

Just make sure the ground is solid.
BrainDead who cares this is a morally bankrupt dumpster but then i'm a roach hanging on some rat shit
fuckers dee da
ta da you suck shit from Chris Cornell's asshole
estarocks what is a stand? is it where something stands? is it taking a stand? what if you can't stand up, for yourself, for anyone else, or physically? 040612
refracted i got up one day
out of my bed
walked out of my house
no thoughts in my head

i traveled far
i traveled wide
looking for something
that sure knew how to hide

into every corridor
i'd take a peak
down every hallway
i would sneak

through churches and malls
offices and dorms
past teachers and workers
mere shapes and forms

i walked for so long
but nowhere did i see
that one object
which seemed to have alluded me

i gave up my quest
and started on home
opened my door
and swore never again to roam

and there he stood
all alone by my bed
he said i've been waiting for you
now get those ideas out of your head

silly girl didn't you know
you don't look for your love
your love finds you

and so there he stood
so pure and good
preaching about life
happiness and stife

now i stand beside him
all smiles and tears
wishing this weren't a dream
made to placate my fears

there is no boy
there never was
and where once stood a pair
now i stand alone
maybe it was all a dream stand and deliver
or sit and be stepped on

choose or be the chosen
which will you be?
krupt here i stand, a survivor of depression, a stronger person all around... i still feel the pain, and still turn to the bottle as i drink myself to sleep, only to wake in the middle of the night in cold sweat to visions of her with someone else. i never see his face, and i dont think i ever will. is thiat because it is the future aparition of me? i dont know, nor do i want to, id rather take my chances with someone else...i will always love you tho... 080123
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