silentbob she stood inches away from me and told me it wasn't working.
and those inches turned to feet.
and those feet turned to miles.
and those seconds turned to years.
and i stood in the rain. and i felt cusackian. i stood over her grave. and with a sharp stick stabbed into the ground i wrote "Love Never Dies."
and in that instant i regretted it, and with my hand i smeared the letters out, stood up, and walked on.
(thats my soul up there) before inside the pouring rain 030609
niska and i saw you there. confirming you were who you were before. confirming my haunch was right.

and i failed to notice then, because i was so consumed with myslef at that time.
ever dumbening up.

the last thing i needed today.
. oh well, it's not me that misses out on all the
pleasure, i was ready to give and give only, bad luck.
you do it to yourself you do you do.
what's it to you?
who go