Ghost 74 I would invite him to have a picnic on mine; he would perhaps leave a flower. 000114
sinad I am stretched on your grave, and will lie here forever. ... Your maidenhead still is your pillar of light. 000122
black hunter As I sleep all alone in the casket
I dream of what life was
And realize I'd just about had it
With bustin caps into thugs

I knew I had it coming
I'm glad it finally did
I was sick of all the hustling
And now I rest dead

I hear a strange sound
Like someone screams my name
Should I check it out
Or am i just insane

I sit up and pull maggots off my face
I take a look around me
To figure out why I'm in this place
And just what could that sound be

I'm sitting in a crypt
Surrounded by closed caskets
All I feel is gypped
I should be done with these faggots

Then I see the kid
Who was fuckin with my grave
Looking really morbid
In an ugly cloak of jade

This bastard should have let me be
You just don't fuck with this shit
But soon I'll make him see
That he's just a fucking misfit

I approach him like a hunter
He's so surprised he looks dead
He won't even duck under
I swing to sever his head

Now that I'm out living again
I feel like a brand new cat
I take a deep breath in the wind
It feels really good at my back

I don't even know how many months
Its been since I've used my lung
But I feel like lighting up a blunt
And smokin till I can't feel my tongue
what's it to you?
who go