jennifer waiting
hoping to hear the sound
that means we have more time together
kate sitting, stopping myself from doing it.
trying to work, thinking if i just finished what i need to do, i could talk to her.
but then, it was too late and she was gone.
bethany when i sit i get a pain in my back. i'm having surgery for it in tuesday. it's carpal tunnel. if i didn't type i wouldn't have it. so it's really not from sitting at all. 020210
Arwyn no... unlike some people, I have class in 10 min 020211
ever dumbening I sit in my Honda Civic, sun-warmed and still a bit dusty from the smoke recently released. I empty the remains of her mocha from Peete's onto the black San Francisco asphalt, freeing the sweet bitter fragrance of the first half of another one of those weekends.

I sit at the edge of the second tier looking upon the horseshoe, the musicians unifying their voice, playing Schuman's George Washington Bridge. The citizens of San Francisco breathe in the string's wooden resonance and the pride of the brass and percussion.

I sit at the screen, trying to allow my fingers to allow me to let go.

I sit moving.

I sit motionless.

I sit and watch the transient thoughts - coming and going.
music by the pond and watch the minnows dip for morsels. and wait for nouriture.

on a dock and splash your feet and sing to the stars.

on a stage and release your waiting heart into the mic until the gospel comes alive.
me i can sit at the computer for ages. but this chair sucks, and my ass ends up hurting. 021201
me too "" 021216
Strideo down
p2 sit ubu, sit
good dog
mona loves you i am sitting
i keep asking myself the same questions over and over
why? WHY?
i am just driving myself crazy
Gurstacular From the mightiest pharoah to the lowliest peasant, who doesn't enjoy a good sit? 060330
what's it to you?
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