Tess tagging 'it', then running off the dock, diving into the agua. 000103
old hick What's up? 000217
valis the place where i learned that fish take fate just like a man does ... on the hook it's offered 000325
Shugarhi I can remember fishing off the dock at the campgrounds when I was little. I had the best "the one who got away" story... funny thing is, mine was true... 010515
celestias shadow we had fun lying on the dock late at night. talking and such. i mean, really, i barely knew him. i'll never see him again. 040102
mon yellow burr 040102
whitechocolatewalrus memories of yelling
into the clear night
the starry night
flashes of silent waves
echo echo
"who are you?"
are you
are you
are ooo
rrr oo
and infectious laughter
the night at the lake.
what's it to you?
who go