dondeestanlosjaguares chain after chain, I could not keep from inflicting pain upon myself, for every time I move, there seemed to be a reaction along the links of my metallic burdens, and days went by, they got no lighter. the most I could ask for was a little help, but aide did not arrive, so my resolve changed, and I took matters into my own hands. three angels came along and unfastened link by link, releiving the soarness of my aching back. they gave me hope and they gave me strength. they gave me love and they gave me the gift of thought and reflection. I learned to get along and now I live with the greatest of angels in my heart alongside my soul. the time is now, as it always has been, only now I realize it, to change and become something for her, and repay her for what she has done, for the sacrifices made by those who believe in what cannot be seen. it is time to free myself. . . 020714
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