daxle The possibility of things getting better is all that keeps me going 990723
typhoid i hope this bloody thing compiles right (glibc 1.21 i think), cuz i've been working on it like all day and it ate all of my hard drive space and if it dies, the whole computer is fucked.
and the computer's locked away in a room i can't get to...

other than that...
things i'm hopin for:
the computer to come back up (it's rebootin right now)
a ride to take me and a friend out into the middle of nowhere for a few days over newyears.
my friends far away to write/call me more often... i miss you...
i hope i am eternally amused.
andrea lately, i've longed to hide away
withdraw to my tiny little world
undisturbed by even the gentlest whisper
i've come to the conclusion
i wouldn't know love if it came up
and bit me soundly on the ass
hit me over the head with
the metal ruler i've used to
measure myself, to measure their
weaknesses and how much they've fallen short of making me feel safe
hope lingers on my doorstep
like the smell of a lover gone
the strongest incense cannot make it flee-to float on a breeze out the door
my sweat soaked sheets only remind me
how much i have lost in giving
myself so casually and worthlessly to
the men who've crossed my threshold
not with me in their arms, no
but carrying bundles of mysteries and secrets i've not chanced or cared
enough to decode or to unravel
a shower can't wash away their touch
anymore than a kiss can heal a heart broken by the cruelest intentions
i doubt there will ever be someone who
will know me inside out or
care enough to make me laugh when
the clouds linger too long in my eyes
a sharp knock hits my door
a look through the peephole sends me
the sight of someone who has
been around for a while
hope lingers on my doorstep

copyright 1999
nullspace is the cliff from which i fall
is the depths to which i plunge
is the worst of all to escape pandora's box
for it coaxes you into letting down your guard
and then moves in for the kill
false expectations
those with experience should know better than to place any confidence in such things
mad madame mim small shivering bird
the last in pandora's box
amy my hope for new enterers:
quickly hooked learn

that, or a curse.
old hick Faith, hope and love. Faith in God is distrust of the world, supposedly His creation. Hope is a hang up on the future. And the future doesn't even exist. Yep, I suppose the greatest of these IS love. 000217
rose He positioned me on this thin fiber 000223
jeffrey sing tra la la la laaaaa la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
and when you see
and when you run
and when you can hide
the take this ride
for just the fun
to where ever it goes
or knows to slow
at to arrive at to blather at
didnt have to do that with your gun
with your hand in my pocket
I was hoping you would though
when you run
I would watch
and when you passed while I sat
pretending to read
I hoped
should have slowed
Lucien Once it was gone I knoew there was no hope left for us...and i cried. and i bled. and my heart died. 010105
misstree hope is the love i will gleefully bleed for, just to keep it around. 010106
maxwell thorne Remember when I was a child?
Remember how they said I was smart?
Remember what I was capable of doing?
Remember why I gave up?
Remember who lost my hope?
Does anyone remember where I put it?
god Remember a Day
Remember a day before today
A day when you were young
Free to play along with time
Evening never comes

Sing a song that can't be sung
Without the morning's kiss
Queen, you shall be it if you wish
Look for your king
Why can't we play today
Why can't we stay that way

Climb your favourite apple tree
Try to catch the sun
Hide from your little brother's gun
Dream yourself away
Why can't we reach the sun
Why can't we blow the years away

Blow away
Blow away
evolutionending well...where are you coming from?
...well...i don't like the way the country's ran, don't you know, and, erm...that's pretty much what i was expressing in my poem. the government...the american government - they're sneaky, they're very deceitful, they're liers, they're cheats, they're rip-offs. i mean, the american government is one systematic government that...that nobody can trust. i don't trust them myself.
and how long have you been writing for?
how long have you been writing for?
since i was four.
d'you do this sort of thing a lot, like, open-mic kinda questions?
oh i love open-mics, i love coming here to do open-mics, absolutely.
what kind of reactions d'you usually get?
usually, people are...are pretty much in agreement with what i'm saying.
we overheard you before talking about...you went to court today for a speeding ticket...?
that's accurate.
right. d'you wanna tell us that story?
yes, absolutely, i wouldn't mind telling you the story. erm...i went to court today for a speeding ticket, and i told the judge, erm..."let me tell you something, and you listen and you listen good, i'm only gonna say this one time and one time only, i don't repeat myself for nobody," i said. i says..."i'm here to pay a speeding ticket, not to listen to your lectures and hear you run your mouth for an hour." i says "i'm here to pay off my speeding ticket...and i'm here to get my fines out of the way and get the fuck to work." the judge says "you can't talk like that in my courtroom, you're in contempt of court." then i said...i told the judge, "if that's the best you can do, i feel sorry for you." i said "why don't you just shut your fucking mouth for once and listen." i said "i'm not gonna take any shit." i said "i'm gonna pay my speeding ticket like i said." i walked up to the god damn judge and i hand him my 25 dollars and i says "here's my money, now i am leaving."
and i left it at that...
...then, before i left, i turned around and told the judge "i'm here to state who i am and be honest with you." i said "if they thought i was dangerous on the road like you're trying to accuse me of, wouldn't they have taken my license when i first got it? yes they would. and the judge says "yeah, you have a point," he goes "you don't need to get loud," i said "don't get loud?" i says "i've got every right to get loud." i says "you can't do a god damn thing about it, because i'm expressing myself in your court, and there is nothing you can do about it. you think you're god because you have a robe and you can put people up the god damn river for 20 years? well you're not."
and i left it at that...
did you walk away?
yes i did...i don't like the judicial system, i don't like the government system, i don't like the police, i don't like anything to do with this country's government. i just don't like it, because...they're sneaky, like i said - they're deceitful, they're lying, they're cheats, the rip people off. that's the american government for you. america is a third world country, and people don't recognise it...and i think that that's pretty god damn sad, that they don't recognise their own country as a third world, third rate, third class slum.
well...d'you have any weapons?
yes, i do. i own a high-powered assault rifle, i own a 12-gauge double barrel shotgun, i own a regular shotgun, i own a regular hunting rifle, i own a 9 milimetre, a 357, a 45 handgun, a 38 special, and, erm...i own an m-16 fully automatic ground assault rifle...
d'you think things are gonna get better before they get worse?
no way. things are just gonna get worse and keep on getting worse. like i said, america's a third world country as it is and...and we're just basically in a hopeless situation as it stands.
what d'you think this country's gonna look like in the year 2003?
y'know, i'll tell you the truth - nothing against you guys, but i don't wanna answer that question because...i haven't even got a mind that's that...that inhumane.
are you ready for what's coming?
ready as i'll ever be.
most people aren't.
there's a little saying...dates back for generations...
go on...
be prepared for anything at any time from anybody, don't take no shit, always stand your ground. people wanna come up to me and run their mouth - guess what? i'll throw them through the fucking window...i won't think a thing of it.
would you mind reciting your poem for us?
not at all, i don't see why...i don't see why i couldn't.
there's an evil virus that's threatening mankind
it's not state of the art, it's a serious state of the mind
the muggers, the backstabbers, the two faced elite
a menace to society, a social disease
to brainwash the mind is a social disorder
the cynics, the apathy one-upmanship order
watching beginnings of social decay
gloating and sneering at life's disarray
eating away at your own self esteem
pouncing on every word that you might be saying
to attack someones mind is a social disorder
the constitution, the government, martial law order
superficially smiling a shake of the hand
as soon as your back is turned treason is planned
when every good thing's laid to rest
by the governments hate, by the constitution and their lies
and every time you think you're safe
and when you go to turn away
you know they're sharpening all their knives
all in your mind
all in your head
try to relate it
all in your mind
all in your head
try to escape it
without a conscience they destroy
and that's a thing that they enjoy
they're a sickness that's in all of our minds
they want to sink the ship and leave
the way they laugh at you and me
you know it happens all the time
but it only happens in your mind
the rats in the cellar you know who you are...
or do you?
watching beginnings of social decay...
thank you for your time
mikey hope. a fool has hope. hope is for people who know it will never be...yet they cling onto "hope" so at least they have something. humans are sheep. we are tangible. faith is one thing. but hope to me is negative. i hope this happens....i hope i get this...hope is a fools fancy. 010306
unhinged i can not escape from it
maybe because
it has become a namesake in a
family of devout
or somewhat devout compared to other
means of being religious
that i can not call myself part of
god never said anything about hope
he was more of a certainity
there is nothing certain and everything
in hope
even in the face of great and unlikely odds
human beings have the capacity for hope
i think it is the
in us
mikey i agree with you unhinged 010306
imitator the flame that
burns dark
Casey While sitting in this chair I feel like I'm in an iron lung. That somethimes hope is all I have left that keeps me from leaving. 010421
like rain. when everything else falls apart, it doesn't matter. when it seems that the world is crumbling beneath my feet, i grapple for you, try to clutch your lapels so that i don't fall, unsure of whether it will make you crumble of not. when things feel that way, i reach for you, knowing that i might lose you.

and when morning comes, and i can push it all inside again, i write empty pragmatic e-mails, taking it back, hiding the pain, hoping that it will cement the world together again.

failing love's test...
Shugarhi Hope is only a disguise used to kill your apparitions. 010517
enriquecito but if it can kill them and, in their absence, you get get the bridge built, then isn't it a good think after all? 010521
unhinged today was the day that the hope died and the cold dark reality of watching my friends' dream die is staring me in the face. all this rests in the hands of some money-grubbing industry whore. the happiness of four people rests in the gears of the machine. see what hope gets you? damn... 010521
enriquecito "dum spiro, spero." while i breathe, i hope. the motto of the state of rhode island, i believe, or perhaps it is south carolina. either way, in a place that small you need all the esperanza you can get. naja? 010614
melvinwang hope for the best, but expect the worst. people can be great, but many of them aren't, unless it suits them. hit's human nature. the humans with the most hope seem to defeat this facet of their personalities the most. 010620
indust the hopes and prays
the better days
the far aways
forget it
im nobody who r u ru nobody 2 ? hmm. hope. yeah, i've heard of it. it's the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning, the thing that keeps me going all through the day, and the thing that sustains me through the night. but right now i don't have any. i don't think. in times like these, i just have to keep hoping until i can kind some little bit of hope to hang on to. but in the meantime, i shall go have some chicken. 010730
einstein chicken is better than hope 010730
nocturnal I disagree. I always hope we're not having chicken. 010730
marjorie cross my heart
and hope to die.
am i i am i hope that i never have to hope that hope is the only thing left to hope for or hopefully i will hope that hope is the deliverer from hopelessness which i hope i never have 010824
dodgy if we all monkeys,
whats the point?
pass me that banana,
i'm bigger then you

if evolution is god
hope is sacrificed at his altar
with all the murdered souls
of the prejudged

all those f'ing africans
you think their a lesser species?
the whole thing is a farce
and the priests now it

we're all made in the image of God.
alls left to do is find out his name.

'those who don't believe in God, don't believe in nothing - they believe in everything.'

I believe in God. And He loves us intimately.

So stone me.
FreakFly More beautiful than the golden sunset at sight,
You bring more comfort than moonlight at night.
You are un-comparable to any flower, person or thing,
To me you are the one and only queen.
Your eyes sparkle more than stars so bright,
Now turn and look at me with fright.
Your love will always have my heart,
But yours is broken and falling apart.
It pieces so small they cant be seen,
Fixed only by a touch not so mean.
Now my life is insignificant as can be,
But I have HOPE in what the future can see.

I love you always
ilovepatsajak hope, it lingers. i hope it lingers. 020201
sotto voce is an inky metal ball rolling with ease and confidence, giving birth to a new idea that will kick, scream and continue growing on an 8 ½” x 11college ruled receiving blanket 020305
reenz does not float. sinks to the bottom of your empty existence. 020308
Mahayana ][is married to faith][ 020308
Syrope Hope and fear are one in themselves. Hope means that you aren't certain things will turn out right, therefore you fear that there is a possibility they will not. Fear is different than acceptance, because if you truly knew there were no way out, you would accept it calmly...yet you hope that something will save you at the last minute, and so you fear....perhaps that it will come too late. 020309
lycanthrope hope is breath, the forgetting of enemies in the need for breath, the forgetting of lovers in the need for breath, the realization that both will come, that both must come, as long as one continues to breath. It is all of the millions of cells and factions pausing their good natured rivalries within to take a single breath. Dum Spiro Spero...while i breath...i hope 020309
blown cherry Hope is the greatest of all evils, for it prolongs the torment of man

and of a cherry
blown cherry I need to find some somewhere.
I checked all over my ridiculously cluttered desk, I even looked amongst my screwed up blankets and sheets on the bed (I lose stuff in there all the time).
I've searched the piles of not-quite-dirty-enough-to-go-in-the-wash-basket clothes on the floor.
I'm sure there's none in the bag I take to uni. There certainly wasn't when I had that test today.

Perhaps some fell down behind the bookshelf, but really, I don't remember that last time I had any around.
Not any real hope anyway, only the futile kind.

Maybe I left all the good kind of hope in my flat when I moved.
sirflaccid Keeps one reaching for improbable goals. Makes everything seem possible and gives us reason to hold on. Is it a gift from god or a curse to keep us running toward failure? 020512
broken cherry Hope is the greatest of all evils, for it prolongs the torment of man

But to be without it,
in the absence of any kind of hope whatsoever that you may one day be mine to hold, so gently,
seems more painful still.
girl_jane pop_a_balloon 020603
erinicolejax The hope to one day be in love with you instead of simply each of us loving the other, keeps me alive, but keeps me from living. 020603
Freak It sits there always laughing in my face. Always around, always teasing, telling me to believe even when I know I shouldn't even consider it. 021029
Haibird expectation ...
faith and trust ...
*silent screams i'm lost in a world of gray confusion, inbetween the love and hate of everything u are. u shift my mind in overdrive with only a hint of hope... 021206
hi when nothing is left there will always be hope. when you feel like you're at the very bottom of things and that nothing will ever be good there will always be hope. 021221
lonely i hope that i will see you again. i hope that you will call. i hope that you will want me as i want you. i hope that you will love me as i love you. i hope that you will never leave me. i hope that you will come back. 021221
sally hope is the wish for something to occur. sometimes if you have too much hope it won't happen. if you think that something will happen then it usually won't, but the things that you would never suspect to happen usually do. life is so unpredictable and you never know what is going to come your way. 021221
c.o.r.e. i was always hoping for us. hope never left me. i knew that we just hadn't had the chance, that if you would get to know me, you would just have to love me. but actually, i went for it and nothing happened. so i guess...you don't like me the way i like you. and hope has left me. having no hope is equivalent to being desparate and desparation is no nice feeling at all. 021222
megan i hope you know what you've put me through. i've waited by the phone all day, because you promised to call. you never did. and it hurts. but when you do, when i see you again, it'll all be OK because i don't want to screw anything up. i don't want to scare you away from me. i love you with a love that is all-clinging, denies all truths. it makes me so angry with myself, because if only you knew how i feel so hurt, maybe you'd change your busy schedule for once and insert a lil me in there. maybe you'd think about me once in awhile. maybe i wouldn't be loving in vain. 021228
sigma that strange feeling that seems entwined in promises and wish and dream, got twixt sleep and wake, says Edward the bastard son. Gods, stand up for bastards...

Hope, what makes you let go of pain, what makes you smile even when it hurts, what makes you hurt because you wish and promise and dream and know in someday. Hope, what's kept me living and what kills me just the same.
Eowithien Hope

is something that we all need
it could save so many lost souls
that have been killed in vain
they're helpful bodies not used for feed


is something that we could use
thoughout painful daily lives
it could save us all from messengers
that could bring more painful news


is something that I wish I had
maybe I wouldn't sit here crying
maybe I wouldn't try those things
maybe I wouldn't feel so bad.
endless desire All that surrounds slowly consumes
Hope is just a word soon faded in the storm
You assure me that these problems will soon bloom
I dream of place where I’m still warm

The summer skies
Melt into lies
And what I despise
Is all I know

So what I see
Of who you are
Catching in the wind
Only travels so far

And if I’m lost
You say you’ll find me
And if I drown
You say you’ll swim when you’re afraid
But now I’m alone
And there’s no one to stand by me
Soon I’ll be running along again

This is all I know
This is all I know
Stop trying to teach me things
When this is all I know.
endless desire i want to believe in hope. . . even if its just a word
or a promise
of something that will never really happen.
but we can always hope it will.
girl_jane I'm so fucking naive... 030928
minnesota_chris One hope is celibate, dreamily walking close to temptation, but skirting it, or having the cravings fall into a secret hidden area.

The other hope speaks only of lust and love, of sweat and screwing and howling orgasms.

But hope is hope, I think...
minnesota_chris and I wish that hope would return... as I would never betray it. 031112
Jeffrey I can only hope, at times like these, that she will find her way home... to where she truly belongs... back in my arms. 040110
pd what my name means. i think its apt. one of my dearest friends' elvin name for me is star of hope.

i should be able to lean on myself, i guess. its working intermittently.
Chaos how can u say "u torture me"?
u're already thinkin' of someone else
when he comes home,
you'll be in his arms & i'll be gone,
but i know my day will come,
i know someday i'll be the only one...
so now you wait for his spark, you know it will turn you on, he's gonna make you feel the way you wanna feel,
when he starts to lie
when he makes you cry
you know i'll be there
my day will come
i know someday i'll be the only one
call me selfish, call me what you like i think it's right, to want someone to have all your own & not to share there love, but i'll have my way, you dont stand a chance anyway, cause i got you! u dont stand a chance!
& now you wait for his cock, u know it will turn you on,
hes gonna make you feel the way you wanna feel, when he starts to lie when he makes you cry you know i'll be there, my day wii come, i know someday i'll be the only one

...you say you want perfection, i see your self destruction, you dont know what you want, its gonna take you years to find out, im not giving up and when you've had enough, you'll take your bruised little head and you'll come running back to me, i know that i'm gonna be the only one....

thank you, descendants!
Unnamed Take it with you
Take it with you always, wherever you travel. It is your food, your water, the air you breathe.
It is all you need.
unhinged fuck hope man

it has made me sick for too long.

i have learned better but it keeps sneaking back up on me. especially for those who were around before it finally died.

'the word in town is that hope's been dead for awhile here and i see it on the faces of the people as they make their way'
expand a dream, of anything, as long as it's something... i love to hope for us, and hope for me. You are the one i want today, i hope you want me tomorrow. a chance, a little light. All it takes for me, is that hug you give when you see me, the smile. The life of Hope 040223
ethereal too easily lost.
so necessary.
ethereal fight for the light. 040224
Lemon_Soda a dream of tomorrow 040224
Eowithien Hope is nonexistent in my soul. I know that there is none and I accept it.

Thats good, right?
Lemon_Soda With no hope comes no fear. You decide if the trade is worth it. And if you still fear something, you still have hope. 040226
.fallen hope rests with all the other foul foul temptresses that lead men astray ... oh such a foul , seductive one you are .... darling, hope ..... and I wouldn't have you any other way .... sometimes you need to ache to know you are alive 040226
fork Did you no they've discovered a new planet just past Neptune?

maybe there is still hope
ladylunchbox is gone forever 040318
pete filled I am
it is the light
shining through my eyes.

the fires dance a jig
to the furious pipes of
a lost age among ancient trees
and old hardpacked paths
through the unforgiving forest
x twisted x the unextinguishable flame.

youll never make it go out.
kx21 The Fairy_tale of Peace_talk... 040411
Alex I hope that I can get out of this labor rally alive 040413
Substance it's all we have 040425
MLK I have a dream that one day
Every valley shall be exalted,Every hill and mountain shall be made low,
The rough places will be made plain,
And the crooked places will be made straight,
And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed,
And all flesh shall see it together.
This is our hope.

This is the faith with which I return to the South.
With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.
With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood.
With this faith we will be able to work together,
To pray together, to struggle together,
To go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together,
Knowing that we will be free one day.
Ashley Is a present i never recieved from no one. 040429
ofsuch ah so much to hope for. so much to look forward to. so very exciting. 040509
shivers i do
i hope that your smile will go on forever
a rope i can climb
above away from this place
look down on the clouds
small and meaningless
not me anymore
thick air, soft
falling slowly, bright balloons
land on my back
hear the bones break and snap
but i see the green grass
its on my side
there is hope
JustOnMonday what you need i hope finds you 040606
hsgatincamail HopeiSGood 040620
love & hate Hope, the only things which is keeping me here. Keeping me from loosing my sanity, from loosing everything. Hope that you will come back, hope that you will show you still love me, hope that our time together wasnt meaningless, hope that our souls will once again entwine, hope that we will be together for eternity, hope that you will stay be my side and hold my hand, hope that we will live through this fucked up world together, hope that you will be mine forever, hope that i will never hurt you again, hope that you will stop hurting me now, hope that our love means more than life itself, hope that your face will be the first thing i see every morning, hope that you will try these constant tears, hope that you will make me whole again, hope that you will believe me and believe in our love, hope that hope doesnt kill me, hope that hope doesnt betray me, hope that hope is real and dreams can come true and one day, very soon, we will be together once more, then we can be happy. I hope you listen to your heart, not your head, not your friends, not me, but your heart. So i hope that it hears my lonely hearts call for you in the dark hours of the night and I hope with all hope, all my heart, all my soul, that you are my only one, the one i fell in love with for eternity. 040620
lou_la_belle i saw this girl once,
she was all tricked out
with smiles and gloss
and was standing hopefully
on the corner
of our neighborhood
her bag was packed and ready
waiting patiently at her feet
for some lover's rendevous
or a partying retreat.
i sat and watched
as the hours past by
and still the girl stood
grinning all the while.
what a fool she is
one person happened to say,
it's quite clear
no one's coming to take HER away.
but still i sat,
for what had i too do,
until the sun dropped
and the stars came out.
amazed at her foolishness
stunned by her demenour
i forgot to track the time,
lost in the discovery
of that girl's endless hope.
soon after sunset
a car did come
and the girl jumped in
with all the sweetness of sugar
no bitter reproach
or angry arguement
just simple joy and excitement.

i wish i had that.
bloodstreams I don't want to think about regrets and my failures. I want to see the sunrise while feeling the soft breeze. I want to forget about the me that I see when it's quiet; things I wont mention for the sake of forgetfulness, for the sake of a feeling I may can imagine. 040711
bloodstreams maybe I'm hoping for hope 040711
redefinition-of-me hope is mankind's only hope 040727
no reason i could lie on your back
confuse your feet with mine
put my fingers on your heart
and cry into your cheek

and when we both explode
we'll bleed
r3v0lut10n lost it...
someone show me where i can find it again ?
once again we'll all float on, okay... 041010
love & hate does not exist. Dont waste your time believing in it! It is a stupid made up fallacy which will end up destroying you once you realise that your dreams wont come true and love does not last. Dont bother about it. It is a pointless, meaningless term that is just a word. 041011
god i hope i don't run out of smokes before the end of the night. 041011
rage dont hope or you'll just get dissapointed

theres a point where u pass from the child confused and disapointed by the way old people had all these miserable depressing sayings

to the point where you start to see the sense in them

hope is just another dead religion
Staind_And_Souless All I have. 050108
Lisa I'm hoping for someone I don't know.. with someone I don't know..

a car accident.. and I just hope it will be okay.. he knew his friend for seventeen years..

if you're up there.. don't part them like this.. just.. don't, I beg you.. for someone I don't know..
no reason i like what some people give me, just by being themselves 050213
fucked once too often Jeeesus. I had such a fragile and tender heart once. I hope it will one day return. 050214
tyler We sit down for dinner
We discuss political and world issues
We find that hate, greed, and selfishness is the cause for most of the worlds problems
We discuss the topic more in depth
We clear our plates
We talk about religion being a perfect antidote to most of the causes
I find myself thinking about re-becoming Christian
AeonFlummox You have my heart in your pocket
it makes me want to cry
I've put all my trust in you
without giving any reason
i feel your comfort when we are close
i feel your pain when we are apart
i would love you to hold me forever
the way i let you hold my heart
.fallen exercise in futility 050613
Lemon_Soda I think hope is a great thing. Often used to cover up the fact that something bad happened by hopeing it won't happen again. Hope shouldn't really be used, though, unless for the right reason. Specifically, to counteract despair. You can't live life with out any hopes, but you can live life without despair.

Alot of people go the big picture route and say "well I'm going to die anyway so whats the point of any of it." The thought haunts me on occassion. But if we went that route comepletey we'd just kill ourselves. So what stops us? Fear. Fear of not knowing. The great philosophers say there is life after death or there is nothing. So in both cases, death doesn't really make a difference. I think its not knowing witch of the two it is that drives us nuts. I mean, if Im not going to be eternally rewarded for my behavior, or atleast get to float around and think about it, I'd sure like to know now. IF I'm dead and nomore, well, I'm nomore so i really can't be upset at the state of things, can I?

Is hope a waste of time? All things are for naught? Or anytime the first shoe drops the second is right behind it?

No. NOT a waste at all.

Hope says to get out of bed in the morning. Hope says to eat my next meal. Hope says to make freinds, love family, and be content with myself. Hope gives me happy dreams to entertain me, and that alone makes them worthwhile.

Its important to remember that whether we want to or not, we're going to hope for things for the rest of our lives. We have no choice. To be so beaten down by our take on life that we feel we have no hope is like admitting we're a broken horse. How can we feel this way without good things that have happened to compare it too? How can we say that good things happended before, but won't happen again?

And another thing. Its not Expect the worst and plan for the best. Its plan for the worst and hope for the best. If you really hope for something but keep telling yourself its not going to happen, you might find yourself denying that it really did happen when it comes about. I've known alot of people whose life views amount to pretty much everything is crap, everybody is judging me, and something bad is gonna happen, I know it. Looking down like that is like looking at your feet while you walk through the park. YOu get stuck in your head, you forget the world around you, and your brains off with itelf on thoughts beased on thoughts based on thoughts based on thoughts and the trouble with that is without a does of the world around you to guide those thoughts along they will inevitably crash. Look up, look out. Breath the air, feel your body, see the flowers and the clouds. Be around people just to be around them, don't worry about whether their looking at you funny, or if you'll say something stupid.

Its always a mistake to find despair because of something that happened, but its the biggest mistake to expect despair to come before anything has even happened yet.

Sometimes life seems pretty shitty. Some horrible shit has shat allover your shite. Shoot.


These are natural emotions and are our way to cope with emotional wounds. We feel these things because it is right and proper that we should. But never, EVER make the decision that because you had to experience these things that all of the good emotions out there are never going to happen again, or that they are somehow responsible for the bad ones. The clouds part, the sun shines, and you will smile, and laugh, and sing, and love again.

If your life is miserable than you've given up hope that it will ever be anything else. Without that hope, you've no motivation to change. With no motivation to change it, change will never happen and you will remain miserable.

Hope is our chance to better everything we know about ourselves and the world around us.
a chaotic gift to idealism i typed out my old writtings last night.
hope, happened to be one of those.
it's almost odd that, the writting on hope had been to the same person that it is ment to on this very day. it iS odd that, i feel the words that are above but, i do not hope, i trust. i feel today how i felt back then and i have woke to another day where my hopes are replaced with trust.

the other day, i picked you up from what you seemed to be dying to escape. we drove for quite some time and we spoke. i told of my heart and of my love. you shared the same. i havent opened myself to such truths in many years and it wrenched me on to nausea. not because of disgust but, from an overwhelming joy of knowing there is still someone i can speak to. no judgements, no costs and no strings attached.
you spoke of the same things to me. i believe you, the look in your eyes when they are brought to mine say your words for you. they speak loudly and quietly, they speak truthfully.
i trust you will come back and we will do as we planned.
LS Hope. Trust. Faith. 050613
a chaotic gift to idealism there is quite the difference.
trust is unquestionable. it is to ones self an undeniable fact. it is putting all that could be hurt into the hands of one who could hurt it, no questions asked.
faith and hope leave way to doubt.
JE I wish i was in love... hopelessly, passionately, thoughtlessly... i wish i could home to someone who loved me as much as i love them; without a care in the world, so much as we had each other... 060217
*SuPeR^ChIcK* If you have faith there is always HOPE! I have faith that oneday I will be hopelessly, passionately, thoughtlessly in love... ... I want to come home to someone who loves me as much as I love them..... 060217
narcisstic_grapes hope is a new spoon, a shiny silver new spoon.
i dare not give myself to it. i dare not express it.
but sometimes when i get tired of my old spoon, i use a new one. just for a while.
17 ~ The Star In a way, this sky of ours is endless,
the clouds cannot stop us,
they cannot block us,
only can they daunt us;
for despairs are merely fogs
and our troubles, merely bogs;
these dreams of ours are boundless...
myspace.com/earlec Somebody please please tell me how to cherish the hope that there is hope. 070724
Isaou But what if there is no hope...? 070724
pSyche There is always hope, but whether we decide to acknowledge it or not is another thing. Many people are much more content believing they can only despair. 070724
hsg low on hope sometimes i listen to sistinas. 070724
immer stummend Die Hoffnung stirbt immer zuletzt.

~for edward
Isaou pSyche, that made sense to me, thank you =] 070725
hsg hope = (despair + [1/infinity])

even if u'r sooooo tired.

sometimes u can coax it to harness its energy. othertimes ignore it & it all burns all ur houses down. ignore ur hope, act not, it all become then youregret. lets not do that.

what u focus is what u get.. WYFIWYG

a wiser wizzy_wig.

be in control of ur taughts.

what a beauty full thing -to NOT be able to go anywhere and find no hope.
Arabian Proverb He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything. 071208
karyn i think I love you. Is it because it's been a year and I haven't met anyone to equal the feelings that i have and had for you? I don't know if you're good for me, but my heart says that it wants you. I think you might want me too. I hope you aren't just being polite, that you are shy, like me. I hope, I hope, I hope. 080228
South of the Universe "When you hit rock bottom; build a castle" 110102
fruitfly "hope" is a four-letter word 140825
srealismas and tools and promises... climate change rhetorical agreements

not predevastated enough because: what else is new?

I'm not prerecorded. I'm srealismas. Only a test.

Totally playing a game (euchre?) with hearts AND politics. I shouldn't play games with either. That's the pepsi difference. -Hamlet
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