Q The Look

Strephon kissed me in the spring,
Robin in the fall,
But Colin only looked at me
And never kissed at all.

Strephon's kiss was lost in jest,
Robin's lost in play,
But the kiss in Colin's eyes
Haunts me night and day.

Sara Teasdale, 1917
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Forming Mind When you turn to your shoulder,
and it comments on your shadow.
And when staring straight ahead
you often walk in reverse.
The future holds promise,
that's what she said, holding your hand.
You bite her flesh, tasting sweet and forming ruby pearls.
Don't let your past haunt you, they say.
You laugh and cackle and can't stop.
The past is gone and it doesn't return. Any logical child can even tell one this. It's the thoughts, the knowledge, the emotions that joins in on this haunting. But you smile, the haunting is nuetrally killing as is that smoke that seeps from the corners of your lips.
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