erin. what's the difference between college
and university?
i don't know, really.
i go to a university . . . but does it really matter which is which?
ultimately, you take classes,
you learn stuff,
and you extract your career from the information you've gathered over the years.

so why does attending a university
somehow make for some sort of right of passage?
it's bullshit, i say.

when i go home for the summer,
i'll be taking classes at the community college . . .
i feel lucky to have that resource there so that i don't have to stop learning.

i can't wait for the summer to start.
bethany a college has a focused course of study and a university is a a place with many departments with many courses of studieseszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 020311
misstree a college is, to quote funky wangalls, er funk & wagnalls dictionary, " an incorporated school for instruction in the liberal arts or professional studies; a school of higher learning that grants degrees at the completion of courses of study... blah blah blah," whereas a university is basically a collection of colleges. 020312
Arwyn Oh yeah... I'm leaving Drake University. You bet your sweet ass I am. Please god, please let Lawrence admit me. I'm so willing to work my ass off. I am so willing to do whatever it takes. Lord almighty just make it happen! I dont' want to end up in the UW system. 020312
no reason goshdarnit, united states universities are expensive.

i guess i'll have to stick with paying my colourful canadian bills.
epitome of incomprehensibility I've just discovered that I was accepted at Universal Discord... er, make that Concordia University... in my program of choice, English and Creative Writing!

Now, if I seriously want to be a writer, I will probably have to end my love affair with ellipses and exclamation marks. Sniff.

I am happy. Next year, in the midst of mountainous homework, I may remember myself today and think, just HOW could I have been so crazy?

(parting is such sweet sorrow)
pete congrats! i know people who tried and fail to get into that program, it certainly isn't for the faint of heart! i have two more years here, in ottawa getting a second degree, on wards! 070403
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