pan Wherefore art thou at this moment,
my love?
i am here, longing for you.
The night holds no more mystery
than the promise of your return.
What more could be hoped?
What more could be returned?

Day by day,
you seek,
and i wait.

We are in our orbits, turning to completion.
How may i offer to complete in you
the complement of that which you may complete in me
but by faithfulness to the path that calls me to turn?
adam and absolution, the only things that let you know that you're alive and you affect things. 990217
thelotus interesting how twists, turns and quirks somehow form a complex, yet simplistic state of euphoric bliss.
you were there when i was, you allowed me to see into your life for a short time, you left me. i loved you. i cried, and the tears dried on my face and gave me character. i more or less chalked up the experience as another chapter in the book that is my life, but it still lingered.
i found someone else and was erased by her for nine months. my personality and inner thoughts might as well have been a blank piece of paper. i was a shell of my previous self.
during this time, there was a longing for my previous, sensitive, emotional roots, faint and far from grasp. you entered my thoughts from time to time and i wondered what you were doing at the moment. if you ever thought about me, if you were at all happy.
as weeks went by, i was more and more compelled to know you again. the relationship i was in was crumbling, i was overflowing with bitterness and feelings of betrayal. i sought you. i gained your friendship once again. you and your friends sheltered me, consoled me, made me realize again who i was. i was warm in a time of complete cold.
we drew closer and closer, and as time went by, the feelings were so pure. i became entranced in your very presence, inspired in your existance. i viewed you as i had, some fifteen months ago.

when i saw your reciprocation of the feelings, i was completely filled with emotions i had thought deceased.

"you are the everything"

we waited for each other for nearly a year and a half, never saw each other during most of this time. we were a brief flicker in our separate lives and we longed for more.
we are one, at last. i am content. you are mine, i am yours. the absence is filled.
sporadic linen the grave 050622
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