MollyGoLightly "Some people are so sensitive they feel snubbed if an epidemic overlooks them."
---Kin Hubbard
emily i'm think i'm just too sensitive.....or else maybe i need to be with someone who is nicer and more loving to me.... because lately whenever i get off the phone with him, i just feel like shit...and i honestly don't think that he's trying to be a jerk, i think i just get upset over little things--things that wouldn't bother me if it was anyone else saying does he have that effect on me?? 000621
Brad Happens when you care about someone a lot. Things exaggerate themselves... it can be beyond our control :) 000622
whirligirl the most interesting people are like this, i'm beginning to think. 000723
or maybe just the most interested people.
tourist RE:sensitve awayness venerable
The monk in the mountains
fasting and praying
atuned to the stillness
Meara People say I'm too sensitive. I think they're wrong. If we aren't sensitive, we become immune to other people's pain. I don't want that to happen to me. If I become numb, so will my dream of changing the world... 010327
Jewel I'm sensitive, and I'd like to stay that way 021016
blown cherry . 021104
jinx Why do I care so much.

I care too much.
a thought just find someone else that cares too much, and you should be all set. 021108
................................................ Your glow is waning, but the flame still burns with the same incandescence. You know, there's a reason why people say we're right for each other.

I could listen to you talk for hours. You're so pure, so premium, so utterly top notch.

And I think this is me finally giving up on the possibility of you and me.
stork daddy you're talking about me aren't you? i just know it...i just know it! or am i being sensitive? 021110
no reason sigh. i would like to talk to my best friend about the way she's been acting with me, but i don't know how to say it so she won't get offended/mad. it's so hard to walk on eggshells all the time. sometimes i just want to be bitchy. 050217
emmi people say i'm too sensitive as well. but how would they know what it's like being me? sensitivity is a reaction to things not a way of being necessarily... 060717
no reason so many things upset me lately 090418
unhinged i have run out of acceptable conversation topics.

no reason HSP = highly sensitive person
i don't like to think of it as a disorder but sometimes it may as well be
unhinged in a world that values toughness, they spend their time and energy trying to desensitize us.

i stay rebelliously open

to the beauty in my world
(that has nothing to do with money)
to the squirrel hopping with a nut in his mouth
to someone practicing drums in the apartment it lives near
to the sun peeking out of the clouds
to children smiling

to the suffering and the struggle
i stay rebelliously open
i offer my arm
to the tottering old woman trying to cross the street
afraid she can't make it alone
i sit at the busstop
and wave at strangers stopped at the light
(daffy inspired)

as long as sentient beings remain
so do i
to expel the suffering in the world

i remain rebelliously open
no reason
"shyness is learned, not innate."

i've been reading about HSP lately. i don't think it should necessarily be labeled a condition (and the name possibly was just invented because acronyms are fun) but it's interesting to read about.

the suggestions for help and management are maybe obvious but probably not something most people would consciously do (or not do) without being reminded.
no reason hey, i already blathered about this a bit. apparently i am also an HFP (highly forgetful person). 101208
unhinged you are not

going to beat the kindness
no reason sometimes i shouldn't read in public because sometimes certain books make me cry 110401
camille highly.... an empath

you give and give till there is nothing is then that you find yourself
unhinged yes i am
i will not apologize for that
unhinged my dad took me to the movie theater when i was three or four to see e.t. and i cried so hard sitting in his lap that i got his pants wet. when he felt the wetness, he assumed i had wet my pants. he turned me around and saw the tears streaming down my little face.

not much has changed in the past thirty years but the size of my face.
what's it to you?
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