jennifer read
*Ziima* Mr. Martin....*cries*
I miss you and the stage...the lights...the applause...the cast party...*sobs..*
silly when you smile and I don't know if it is me you are smiling to
or if you are smiling of something your friend said
and I am sure you do it on purpose
Kate Tifanny and I were talking about movies one day afterschool in the lockerroom, and she told me that whenever she wants to see a movie, she waits til it comes out at the Parma Theater, "a little ghetto theater about twenty minutes from my house" she said. I smiled because you work there, or used to when I knew you. I wanted to call you or write you and say hi, and that someone I knew might have known you, but I didn't, and you say that your marital status is "Raechel, my baby". 020527
pensais is everywhere
because we are constantly acting
as a society
as an acceptable human being
(or inacceptable)

all we fucking do is act
eklektic the madstone .... or highland. i like the highland because it shows all the indie flicks after they come from cleveland. but its always $6.50 - no matter what. 020731
GOD WTF? 041126
what's it to you?
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