typhoid 6 o'clock alarm will never ring...

if this clock is right, thats how long till i see my best friend, whom i havnt seen in months...
erin 6 degrees of separation.
if you haven't seen this movie, get it and watch it.
i'm a movie buff to the point of neuroticism, and this one is definitely in my top 10.
i never thought that anything could EVER give me respect for will smith as an actor. this movie did, and will probably for you too.
"I am a collage of unaccounted for brush strokes. I am all random."
--Stockard Channing as Ouisa
birdmad 1978

six years old
second grade

a family reunion on the Gulf coast of Texas

Parliament/Funkadelic and Rick James on the 8-track player coloring in a coloring book, (badly...i always hated staying inside the lines) in the camper bed watching the bugs smack into the widow as the highway rolled on

it was a good age
klarchen The age I wanted to stop being cute.

And I was so fed up with people always making my hair pretty with ponytails and barettes.

So I got a five-dollar hair cut by myself at the store when no one was looking.

I said, "keep cutting".

Life was a tad easier for a while after that incident.

Ahh, if only I had the initiative now that I had when I was six.

grendel we never truly lose the initiative

we just let our learned appreciation of the cosequences impede us

"children are born with clean minds, it takes adults to make them dirty"

Twain, i believe
(and i'm probably paraphrasing badly)

oh well
Daria Ahh, to be six again.
Acctually, it izn't that far back for me.(I still spell like i'm 6)
Am i the only one who doesn't have good memorys of being a child?
little wonder my mom was flipping through photos of me taken throughout the years, all of my school pictures.
she chose the one where i was 5 or 6,
she said it was her favourite.
i'm not smiling.
i have this intense look on my face,
this look that 6 year olds aren't supposed to have.
this look that doesn't match the bow in my hair or the pink and white outfit i'm wearing.
she said i had that look a lot.
Daria 666 020408
devalis perfect. proper divisors add up to itself. 020807
catherine the prefix associated with this number is "sex" ... and that still makes me giggle. 030218
Seano ...and the devil is six. 060316
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