Q by far, by far
the best i've ever, ever seen
including all the laser shows
in town here across the lakes
and the lecture halls surrepticiously
in graduate school
Perspective_Of_Soul Many eyes have looked.Many souls have peered.I have been embraced with thoughts of others yet here i am, unseen. 020816
User24 have you seen it?
did you watch?

people tend to concentrate on one sense above others, most people use sight more than hearing, for instance, I wonder if there's any psychosexual meaning behind all this?

Actually, yes there is, Oral Fixations, etc.
ferret seen rhymes with spleen 030612
ferret but not felt 030616
Sarah Is seen even a word, shouldnt it be saw? No I'm confused. But the greatest thing that I could ever see, is a smile on your face, and knowing that I put that smile there. I wish I could always keep you smiling. 030817
silentbob not heard 030817
scarlet i thought i had seen better looking. but when i got to know him, i realized that he is the most gorgeous human being in existance 040101
viator i have seen so many things
so many hurt
so many strings attached
so many lies and crying children
so many regrets for what could have been
so many times i should have seen
that there was more to it all
behind the scenes

i have seen the dark and dirty
i search to see the warm and fluffy
it is there but unavailable
it is with me but unattainable
i look through the window and i see
i have seen so many themes
so many scenes re enacted
so many words retracted
and removed from print
i have seen the soft clouds
i have seen the plant grow
it is there if i look hard enough
i can see it if i try hard enough
i have seen
thieums He who cannot be seen
Should be careful not acting in any Monty Python skits.
In_Bloom We can be seen but not acknowledged
Nor mentioned
Smiling faces will have to do
what's it to you?
who go