ducky Days gone by sing into my ear.

Joyous, exuberant, noble, grand melodies.

That is just the topical start of it.

Only what any naked eye could observe.

Then darkness shaded me, pulling this little woven silver string attached to a place deep inside where only sound could reach.

It grabbed a hold of me so violently that I was shooken by the shoulders, slapped across the face and thrown to the floor.

Then when sounds turned tender, a soft step was forced. Everything was dropped and shattered so suddenly in order to listen to and walk with the melody in a complete silence. A silence that was invaded by a flood of fluid that had been waiting impatiently in a tear cloud.

Attachements just need to be broken sometimes.

So I cut the woven silver string with the sharpest blade I could find.

The hollowness laughed at me and echoed a dreary chant, "failure, failure,

So I picked up the pieces of woven silver string and tried to place them back together.

It didn't work, the silver strings wouldn't hold in place.

I see a golden string now somewhere in the close distance.

I must find a way to weave my broken silver string with the gold string.

The bond just might be strong there, perhaps it could work.
amy All these accidents, that happen
follow on the dot (bjork- i love the video, even if the computer animation is a bit cheesy-- no people, a bird's eye flying over a landscape and when the beats start to crunch earth opens up to drop the viewer into the lava beneath ice-rock.)
ducky That gold string isn't compatible with the silver one.

I hardly noticed that the gold string was tied to something else.

I refused to take that into account, of course.

My silver string still exists as severed strands on the floor.

But I am painstakingly placing the silver string back together now.

Piece by piece.

Severalty is what needs to be,

so I can hold myself together in my own right.
Brad Mine cost fifty dollars. They are custom made. It is worth it. I have to order them from New York, but dammit, nobody gets that tone but me! 000819
moonshine g strings! I m telling you there money to made in the underwear business. Some of those suckers goes for at least 12 bucks. 000819
ladybird coloured strands of string are the best, a rainbow of them to unravel 010515
st3fan thread of characters
variable, konstant, expressions
Lucy the prophet Strains of sounds in all our backgrounds form a subtle silver net on the globe
STRINGS of pearls
have infinite whorls
that just suffer their silence's noise
Saying: it is forbidden (violins play)
I'm not getting away this time
we're not in trouble ( a cello murmuring words)
till you swallow that tired line:
there are no limits on the red tide
the soaring strength of strings
till you enter the web of lies
and seek for a sword that swings!
starjewel We were just friends once;
No strings attached.

But then like all the other girls,
You got me tied around your little finger.

I got the guts to ask you,
And you kept me dangling on that string of yours.

When I couldn't find the words
That string choked me.

When I wanted to pull away
That string kept me tied.

And every time you look at me
Its like you know you've got me all wrapped up.

But today I heard something;
The ties should be severed.

But I don't think they are,
My heart's on that string.

I didn't chose to be tied to you,
but now I am no matter what.

I remember though,

We were just friends once;
No strings attached.
pipedream all of us dangle;
yo-yos to each other's
hsgatincamail glow sticks 040409
Q Oh, beak whatever strings you want when you play whatever you want to play! 050422
Q Sorry!

beak = break
constella vibrating
infinately many that are infinately small
I broke one of mine, and the baseball burst into a thousand different directions when sosa hit the ball next friday
the remaning membranes keep birating
life goes on
the unexplainable is shrugged off as a bad make or bad play and people forget
but my string was broken
I saw it
now the harmony of what once was is broken indefinately until the superglue which has never existed can fix it
this small tear is growing, and more balls shatter without understandible reason
but I know
I know
the reason why they shatter isn't a bad play or bad ball or miracle from god
balls shatter because my strong broke, my membrane is no longer continuous, the subatomic particles that make up this person you see are falling apart as my strongs break and go awry.
watch me
I may not be standing here in a second
oren I judge an electronic keyboard (musical variety) by its ability to produce realistic "strings."

It's surprising just how unrealistic the strings sound on some high end units, yet sound so real on some that cost less than half the price.
Emptyness Alive cheese
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