bijou like a brick from outer space.

(keeping in mind that this is a special brick with a flame retardant coating so it won't burn up on re-entry.)
blind faith the tunnel never held so much interest, the way the trees cascaded into veiw and how the light shone down perfectly into our little hole. They told us not to smoke weed but shit, we were pot heads from the gitgo and you cant ask a pot head to smoke and expect to hear no. I was so fucked up, everything was beautiful and funny, funnier than the pot would have made it. I had to compose myself before I could be around sober people in town, so we sat and laughed forever. when we finally got to the bowling alley, I felt like I was at a rave, with the blacklite bowling in full effect. of course id never been to a rave. this just made me laugh more and sooner or later I was faling on the floor from laughing so hard.that day seemed to last forever, each moment crazier than the next. I'll always remember the first time I dropped acid. 010822
art crimes "i feel as if i have been dumped." 010826
unhinged i don't seem to drop bad habits. i seem to collect them.

me Dropped like a sack of potatos on a sunday afternoon. Where the hot cement burns the crisp tightened skin. 030518
niska his pants...

like a bad habbit.
birdmad little bombshells, stray_bullets 030518
nomme) i look at my hands and laugh 050706
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