deb and yet another
long unhappy space
will breathe
between now
and when i can next
get to a computer
with a modem
so goodbye
once more
i shall return
as always...
Brad space is

cyb between my ears and throughout our atmosphere is................. 010129
kx21 Given any empty or void space ( IT ).

Something can be found inside, on, and outside IT.

sq1: What is inside IT?

sq2: What is on IT? and

sq3: What is outside IT?
god rabbits
kx21 It should be

sq1: Inside IT- GENE of Nothing of IT

sq2: On IT - Power of Creativity of IT

sq3: Outside IT : The Universe - IT

IT: Any Empty or void Space
grendel i'm just taking it up right now 010130
G_wiz13 the empty void that fills my soul. the reason for all my hatred, pain,and suffering. 010130
orbst That which keeps everything from mooshing together. 010130
Jae equivalent to freedom 010215
kx21 Possessed Limitless Power when it is empty or void, i.e.

Martijn So far so close
What we want is not as far as we may look
Have it be close have it be far
take it out take it in
infinity misunderstood
It's not as simple as most of you may think
Try to understand
Why do I even try
feelings combined
may tkae a turn for the better
or worse
How can I know
what it will turn into
No one knows
space inevitable
space everywhere
Don't know how to reinvent.
futility What it is that surrounds me when I free myself from the clutches of work, responsibilities, and the like.
The thing that keeps me sane, gives me a chance to renew myself.
The reason I live in New Mexico.
Sol it appears that everything is made of nothing, going down to the basics, everyhting is made of nothing, (admittedly they have not gone sub quark yet) but its pretty bizzarre isnt it, the atom is only a minute proportion matter and the nucleus is only a tiny bit matter going sub proton and neutron, wierd nes pas? 010521
florescent light how am I supposed to fit everything that filled up my old apartment into a room that isn't even 1 fifth the size of my old bedroom? 010607
Dafremen Closet Organizers?
A Trash Compactor?
ellen cherry charles meet me in outerspace
ill hold you close if you're afraid of heights
Spacehog is the place in your face 020107
mind(e.e) wow the blues and cry that jazz
in a long space facing the side of you
you never want to forget
but glue it nonetheless to the innermost diamonds of your silence
and your song
each of course a clone of the other
but that is plastic and nothing like a sculpture, not even bronze
and therefore not the word to fit
but what ever does?
i'll tell you
i do
i always have
i always will
but you won't
you were never quite as beautiful
as you pretended and let me believe
however, Billie and I are singing now
in a stronger voice than you ever heard
floating straight to heaven
or from
even i cannot tell
its hard to place
where lady day and i fall from
or float to
or fade a w a y....
blown cherry is all I can give you now.
I can only hope that time tempers your spirit, before you remove it altogether.
Every time I try to talk to you,
you only get angrier and more depressed.
I say i care,
you say I'm lying.

I tried to give you friendship, support,
when there seemed to be no one else.
But everything I did you found a way to turn sour.

Now I give you space.
Space to live (I hope)
and not space to die.
distorted tendencies Empty Space
Empty Space
Empty Space

And I was
And you were

Used Abused

~gez~ smetimes we need it. or we get irritative 020826
squint whatever you assume, its probably right. 021023
p2 what if i assume i'm wrong? 021023
11:09 pm I've got about 80 feet of "personal space" around me, and EVERYONE is in it, and therefore I am pissed off. 021228
splinken "how can heaven hold a place for me when a girl like you has cast her spell on me?" 030309
grendel (shock, shock,
horror, horror,
shock, shock, horror)

Why does it not surprise me, O splinky one, that you beat me to this partcular gag.
splinken well, the female of the species IS more deadly than the male. 030310
timebomb space who wants this anyways they think it will ultimatley lead to self preservation but they are wrong i dont know where these people 'they' get off calling themselves the leaders the followers the teachers and the people who burn things theyre all just labels that shouldnt be take seriously if there wants to be when the aliens take over 030824
timebomb space who wants this anyways they think it will ultimatley lead to self preservation but they are wrong i dont know where these people 'they' get off calling themselves the leaders the followers the teachers and the people who burn things theyre all just labels that shouldnt be take seriously if there wants to be when the aliens take over 030824
xyz space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a hollywood basement. 031008
u24 there needs to be more space between blathes. 031113
Alpha_Shell the inner space is seen by peering through the eye 040207
Gekiganger 3 to see inner space just stare at your eyes untill u lose reality and learn about yourself 040326
How can * Manjusri's_Gatha_Teaching *

If the element of space be used for meditation,
Its dimness and dullness cannot be enlightenment.
Since whate’er is unenlightened differs much from Bodhi,

the element of space help to achieve perfection?
flowerbed on a cloud Taking up a lot ^^

^^ Space...
anetka stars moon sun 060318
jordie The snow.
The cove.
The chalet fire.
The willow.
The frost.
The cloudy skies.
The splendor.
The silence.
The utmost content.
The country.
The peace.
The colors unbent.

The metal!
The throngs!
The buzzing of voice!
The pavement!
The people!
The infinite choice!
The beauty!
The wonder!
The puzzling screech!
The police cars!
The beeping!
The vandalized streets!

And which would you choose in the dark of the night?
Hear the buzzing of insects or throbs of a fight?
And which would you want outside of your home?
The fluorescent pub signs or the pond’s pallid foam?
And which would I choose, you ask, you inquire,
I choose the warmth of a snow-warming fire.
I choose the snow and the icicles bright,
The graceful deer which dance with the night.
I want the cocoa, the winter’s embrace,
The snow piles like crystals, the flakes like frilled lace.
jordie Fuck it. You know what? I lied.

I enjoy graffiti and fights and drugs and parties and the dirty mess of cities.

It's a nice poem though.
Damon the Nomad They look to the galaxy and feel they are too small; therefore, they must expand. Reckless arrogance! Never do they look to the molecule and realize they are much too big. 061217
Superfluous suffocation impends, so close your eyes so you don't see it

(even if it's there anyway.)
timexbandit I wonder if my goat can sense that today i killed over one hundred ants. She must. She's a smart cookie. 080621
spoken:) room to breathe to explore your own subconsiouse and center yourself
I need my to function.
Ryakoth it's what things go in 100114
Jurisprudence I watch to see what you do with yours.
My heart and intuition of what can be wants to you put yourself together for a future, one with me in it.
My eyes watch you cling so tightly to your past as if it was the most delicious thing you've ever tasted alongside the amber in your glass.
Me? I'm a floating trinket in your periphery, not even as important or distracting as is the chinkle of ice to your ears.
phil Dwelling in darkness outside the speculative universe. Wishing to remove myself from the gaze of it all, I move forward. And shrinking, I pass inside. Closing my eyes I pretend everything is truly gone. Finding the comfort, the isolation, I had been seeking.

Traveling nothingness left me unchanged. The universe stayed pointedly opposed to my escape. Even at the greatest reaches speed could muster, the finite existed.

This new experience comforts me. More and more information enters my mind. My eyes open to see the dust settling around me. Mist pours over orchestrated motions of the oids beneath. Glimpses of color explode from their surface.

I plunge below the streaks of dust to gaze at them, and the land moves at me before I can even focus. It's dark and its heavy mass at once force me to realize how small I have become. Never before had I felt this kind of shock.

I close my eyes for a moment and regain the missing peace. Crashing into the water my body splays a thousand times and the oceans fill with blood.

Sinking to the hardened floor I watch slower transcending pieces dance off into the darkness. Gray belts of rock grind toward the bursting tombs of Hell. My body ignites as pieces of existence become flame. I manage to get away, pushing my parts against the water.

Truly shattered, this place as my greatest enemy, I lash out at it. Breaking it apart. Vomiting its distorted essence back up on itself.

Another body swims through the water at me, gracefully circling me twice. The embrace leaves me feeling half of what I had expected. What had came before this no longer is relevant. We share bodies in a confused lust, and we consume each other time and again, growing from myriad destructions.
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