amy Wonder Pond Once upon a time there was a kingdom way up by the clouds and the ruler of this cloud kingdom was Stratos. He told all the people of the clouds waht to put in the rain, snow, sleet, and hail. One day Stratos said to one of person, "I want something enchanting to happen upon the earth. so, could you please go to the ancient worlds and get some magic dust and put it in _one_ drop of rain." The cloud person did what he was told and let the rain drop fall. Outside of Paris, France, in a little pond called Wonder Pond, the rain drop fell. Suddenly, the pond turned rainbow-colored and on opening came out of the south end of the pond! About ten schools of fish swam towards it and as soon as they went through it they could walk, talk and do anything they could ever dream of. They told stories they had heard from the fishermen that always fished at Wonder Pond. Stratos was so glad that this had actually happened he turned one rainbow trout called Timothy into a human size, gave him lungs, and gave him magical powers. Timothy got up, got out of the pond, and started walking on the tip of his fins towards Paris. When he got to Paris he met two people and asked them for their wishes. One said he wanted to be a famous artist and own a mansion. The other said she wanted to be a famous opera singer. Timothy granted their wishes. He granted some animal's wishes too. Later on he went to the governor's house and asked him if he could pass out ballots to everybody in Paris asking what their wish was and have Timothy grant it. The governor did so, and soon everybody in Paris had their wish granted. Soon the ballot idea spread all over the world and all the wishes were granted and _nothing_ ever went wrong again. Meanwhile Stratos looks down at Timothy and he is proud of him. The End. 991219
andrea i stood at the water's edge
glancing at what lay across the shore
i looked down and saw myself
and wondered what it would be like
to look up to a sight like me
Miner We sat at the kitchen table, my mother, sister and myself. My nephew played energetically out in the garden, riding his tricycle round and around. A sudden noise caught the attention of all of us at the table, as we glanced up we saw my nephew balanced precariously on the edge of the pond. It happened as if in slow motion, we all just sat there stunned as the tricycle slowly tipped over the edge and into the pond, taking my nephew with it. My family and I rushed to help him out and make sure he was ok. The memory of the event, and the sight of him standing on the grass, soaked through and looking both very cross and undignified even now brings a smile to our faces. 010429
paste! washes down the carcasses. HUNGRY STOOGEY! 011212
Vale They say that one can feel trapped like a big fish in a small pond. Try the fear of freedome of being a small fish in a big ocean. 031215
clementine the wind on my face sitting in the back of a pickup truck riding to Ice House pond. Old man Fisher came outside and for a minute i thought he was going to follow us, but he let us go. we drove up an old dirt path, shivering and giggling. i was so high i felt like i was flying. i was so happy to be with my best friends... and some random strangers... and to be going to swimming in this pond. out of the truck and we walked down a non existent path, overgrown with weeds. "this is the beginning of a horror movie" someone said and yes, yes it was. but we went down the hill and suddenly the pond was all around us. the moon glowing off of the water. I peeled off my clothes and slipped into the black water. it was warmer than the air. it was better than anything i could have imagined. i just slipped through the water. my toes sank into the muddy bottom. and when i dunked my head underwater i was convinced i was a mermaid turned human.
on my way out i swam over a huge rock and scraped my leg, but i only laughed about it. the red truck took us back home where i climbed into bed. the next morning all i had was wet hair and huge bruise on my thigh. i don't remember alot about that night, or that weekend, but i will always remember how the moon looked on the pond that night.
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