smarmy fishy fishy swimmer 001128
chanaka "go stick a large lemon-sented trout up your ass!" that's what i would like to say sometime, if i ever had the chance 001128
don "sausage" van vliet trout mask replica. 001128
daxle Slap!:/me slaps $$1 around a bit with a flaccid penis 001128
silentbob i wrote myself up a whole bunch of slaps when i used to go on mirc. i used to have one that gave someone the kiss of death. i blew someone to death with a rocket launcher. and i would dry hump their leg while quietly weeping into their jeans. 001128
surreal fishing in america 001128
god fishing in america i used to be in a little group called the houston i am in a two man band that plays "not fade away" as an extended improv... 001128
LeVi Don't eat Hershey kisses. They are complete and utter poison. 001208
Ariadani trout: the only natural enemy of the box-elder bug.

I wish i had a moat of trout outside my house, then all the trout would eat the boxelder bugs,
and we'd have trout for dinner,
after i fished the afternoon away.

the trout would swim in circles, and splash and eat,
and i'd name one of them--one that id never eat--and he would get big and fat on all of the boxelder bugs that i fed him. i think his name would be freddie, because it would be amusing to ask people if they'd like to come over and see my fish named freddie.
how supprised my guests would be at seeing this huge trout, swishing his tail in the moat outside my basement window. freddie would eye my visitors warily, wondering if they, too, brought him offerings of boxelder bugs, but they wouldnt, because they wouldnt know the extent to which he enjoys them.

my fishes and i would laze about on hot summer afternoons, they eating their boxelder bugs, and me simply enjoying the sound of water, and fish, and the beaming sun. i would enjoy myself, until i realize that im late for work, and that how would it sound to try to explain to your boss that you'd been late because of fish?
Terrana Feel free to insert pathetic, irrelevant poetry somewhere about... here. 050120
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