the two i was fired
so i fired back
missing my target
while cooking a weeks
worth of burgers
since i had not a firearm
but an arm of fire
lashing out with a throwing motion
but in my hand was not fire
but my future
phil today 020729
eklektic i sat outside on the benches in front of where i work. i was talking to him because i hadnt talked to him in about 2 weeks, since before i went to camp. plus he's a 'blast from the past', if you will, and he amuses me. he reminds me of austin only with more cigarettes and cursing. i was supposed to be cleaning the benches because we were about to close. but i decided to sit and talk to him. besides, everyone was sitting on the benches therefore i couldnt really do them. but then, just as i was leaning back and looking lazy, my boss came out and asked me if i had anything to do in a really mean voice. i tried to get out of it but it didnt work and i got yelled at. and he kept doing it all night. reminding me how this wasnt someplace to 'socialize with my little friends'. so i did everything extra well for the next 2 hours and acted as though nothing ever happened. i think that pissed him off more than anything. 020730
Kate When we go to Stan Hywet to paint, I'm definitely bringing him to Mary Coyle for lunch and to meet you! 020731
Motomu Just idiots!!! 030216
randomly recent your little friends? what a twat.

guru I did it w my boss. It was rad 060504
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