eklektic one of the most beautiful people i know 020421
Kate Someone whose presence intimidates me, but who I'd like to get to know before he leaves in a year. He is very photogenic in black and white pictures of his band, posted on the website. His dirty blond hair is always perfectly eschewed, especially the most recent time that he played the drums in Chapel and 3 pairs of eyes were distinctively on him. One day I'll hypothetically ask him to sing in German for me. 020421
silentbob where i used to go to concerts
where i met meghan
wp The only city worth anything in Texas. 040410
nocturnal having been here for 4 years, I still maintain that I hate texas, but I luuuv austin. it's completely different from the rest of this hell hole they call the great state of texas, much more laid back. I think if you're from texas and -god forbid- you grow up to be a liberal, you get exiled here. 040410
my name it means nothing new_home! 100928
what's it to you?
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