WoNDERGIRL "Guess what I'm going to do this weekend?" he asks so stubbornly, definitely not directed to me.

"What," they say, uninterested.

"Something (wondergirl) will never do," he says as he looks at me leeringly.

"Oh," they say, just as uninterested.

"I'm gonna find some whore and get laid," he finishes, proudly.

And they only nod their heads.

And I can't help but laugh. It's quite a joke that him and his small penis will ever get any meaningful action. I don't care about his cheap whores. I'm having the best, most love-filled sex a person could ever have. And I don't have to gloat to enjoy it.
exquisite corpse but isn't this post a way of gloating over it?
(even if as an aside to a limited audience)
WingedSerpent cheap whores are no fun
expensive whores
are usually snobs
and Love is too goddamn complicated.

but to find the place between is good.
silentbob and we both got laid like concrete 020419
what's it to you?
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