WoNDERGIRL that's me
I just was feeling slightly a little special
so I though I deserved
to make this for myself

so anyhow
here I am
quite disillutioned
and trying to get to some
that I can't comprehend at the moment


take that
gregg seems to suffer from paranoid delusions of "sans reload syndrome" which happens to be fatal unless you chant three times to bjork and lick your television screen. 000521
EECP I know wondergirl, or at least she is to me. Dragonfly, you are wondergirl. You are amazing to me in every way. Even your denial is amazing, to me. Your beauty, your smile, your wit, your scent, your laugh, your touch, your person, your evasiveness, and even your haunting spirtual connection is a wonder. You haunt me now. I love you. 020330
Syrope television screens taste funny 020330
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