silentbob come to terms with your emotions
because supression
leads to depression
and recession ensues.

Don't deny what you're feeling or it will come back to haunt you physically and you will die a terrible terrible death.
candi i aint denyn' it.
i just cant belive in it.

denial is just lyin to yourself-tryin to make things better-trying to fuck with your fate.

its your life, you live it
thedunator You're in denial, get out of it 010918
Zy I'm not in denial. Denial is in me. 010918
thedunator Then get denial out of you. It eats you from the inside out 010923
Norm Mrs. Wormwood- Calvin, pay attention!! We're studying geography! Now what state do you live in?

Calvin- Denial.

Mrs. Wormwood- ...sighhhh... I don't suppose I can argue with that...
ilovepatsajak COLONEL
How come these faggots always have to rub it in your face? How can they be so shameless?

That's the whole thing, Dad. They don't feel like it's anything to be ashamed of.

The Colonel looks at Ricky sharply.

Well, it is.

A beat, as Ricky continues his calculations, before he realizes a response is expected from him. Then:

Yeah, you're right.

The Colonel's eyes flash angrily.

Don't placate me like I'm your mother, boy.

Ricky sighs, then looks at his father.

Forgive me, sir, for speaking so bluntly, but those fags make me want to puke my fucking guts out.
american beauty.
EECP Dragonfly there are so many D's in your name......does one of them stand for denial. Regardless of logic, I think it does.
It must! Your actions prove it.
reitoei not i, says the cat smiling with a canary filled belly. 020416
kill rhythm so, here we go, having the same old fight again. oh, there she goes. same old game that never ends. if i could say all of the right words i know i could make you stay. if i could say all of the right words, things would work out alright. and if you go, i wont believe that its forever. and you cant go, ill never leave, cuz its not over. replay last night, talkin it out dont make it right. i know she's tried, my whole world is her and all we've got now, and if you go, i wont believe that its forever. i wont let go, even if she says that its over. i know it will be different this time if you just stay.

and when we wrote this story, how did it end? it was you and me for all our lives. come on, dont say it, we'll try again. and if i'd just hold you, we could last. but she stands suffering, tears down her face, hitting me, oh god this is the end. id wait here for you, but there's nothing more now i can do.

how did you know?
Invisible Butterfly i don't need u...yup i'm in denial 020524
AngieLeeBN I don't like you. You and me are just really good friends. You and me could never work. . . Denial~ what a way to escape the truth. 030618
ashmanzhou denial is the only other thing that makes me seem normal
the other thing being a shotgun and a copious amount of gore
nomatter Never Underestimate The Power OF Denial 030904
Dawn of Death and Gore i guess i live in denial then

but i love everyone
so it's too hard
i don't want to think about it
Eva nadie dan pensimientos
se fijan
les gusta
se lo lleban
y dicen que son de ellos
esta robado
estan en denial
pero yo se los digo
abren los ojos
Harlan Coben "The stages of grief: Supposedly the first is denial. That was wrong. The first is just the opposite: Total acceptance. You hear the bad news and you understand exactly what is being said to you. You understand that your loved one will never come home, that they are gone for good, that their life is over, and that you will never, ever, see them again. You understand that in a flash. Your legs buckle. Your heart gives out. Human beings are not built to withstand that kind of hurt. That then is when the denial begins. Denial floods in quickly, salving the wounds."

in "Just One Look" (Dutton, $25.95)
facto it is what it IS
nothing more
dudeinanigloo Also the first stage of realizing you have locked your keys in your car... 040713
flowerock about the start of my work week tomorrow... 8am. open the store. move all the bikes, prepare the paper work, deal with tourists who hardly speak english and want to clutch their credit cards like they might turn into diamonds. all. day. ten. hours. wake up... 5am probably. then commute. lucky to have my lover working the same day and driving me... it'll be ok. 140823
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