twiggie my lil 'brother',
i'd like you to know that i have still not raised cows, even though i live in minnesota and everything. keep skating, don't break too many bones, and remember all those fridays when you had to do the homie dance to make me feel better. *hughughug*
but now it's time to say goodbye and let go , i need the finality of it.
say hi to adam for me too, just for the hell of it.
unique butterfly the guy i can't get over.
cute ricky.
who knew?
what's the matter with me?
he was gone today.
hey ricky your so fine you blow my mind, hey ricky, hey ricky.
unique_butterfly i'm so dumb sometimes!!
he doesn't like me.
he never will.
i don't like him anymore
so what does it matter?
but maybe i do...
unique butterfly you're on my mind constantly. i thought i was over you... i guess not. 010827
Jenna Our time together will be awesome and so fun, and then I'll talk to him, not in person, through other media, and end up resenting him for not paying enough attention to me. It's not his fault, really.

I am a child in the guise of an adult.
ice .........
and chestnut hair ........
squillo ricardo you gotta lotta 'splainin to do, Lucy! 011127
unique butterfly what the heck is it about your name that i can't get away from??? grr... i don't like you anymore, but i keep looking at this page. habit i guess. 020122
TK I'm on Rickys Computer
It roally sucks rotten eggs
Altho I supose it's better than
no computer @ all
unique butterfly i've never been in love before... yet sometimes i swear i feel like i love you. will i ever stop liking you? i'd die for you. that's insane. am i seeing something that's not there? just maybe. sometimes, just when i believe i'm getting away from you, he smile at me and i feel the same way all over again. i sound like such an idiot when i talk about you. i just wished you'd talk to me... although that could mean that i would fall even harder.... 020728
phil today 020729
celestias shadow He filmed a bag blowing in the wind for fifteen minutes.....and a dead bird on the ground.....and only Jane's face when she took off her shirt.....all because it was beautiful. Sometimes, there was so much beauty in the world, he felt like he might just fill up and float away, out, somewhere. Quiet. But it never happened.

I think this is the first time I've fallen in love with an actual movie character. Usually it's the actor I like. This time I don't give a shit who the actor is. His character is just so amazing, so breathtakingly incredible, that I want to know him. Be him. I want to meet someone like him.
what's it to you?
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