typhoid novelty starts increasing by a ( relatively ) significant amount tonight. im looking forward to it. 000204
acuhymen novelty is the world of the idiot.

And when not forced upon someone, often the ends of "The Way"

novelty or idiocy? you decide
silentbob my gov. teacher told me the romans called people idiots if they didnt believe in democracy and that they marked them with red rope or something, these are the idiots that did not vote for our democratic nation. 001030
Its not possible People have called me an idiot, just because I think in words with no vowels. 010123
j_blue yeah, but democracy is flawed, it doesnt take groupthink into account

rule by the people might as well be rule by a complete moron, since groups of people have much less intelligence than any of the comprising individuals
jaded I diots
D ally
I n
O btruse
T houghts
[me] industrial waste of a blissfully ignorant society

a self-righteous idiot
Zy idiotism is a state of mind, nay, a religion, that is, nay, should be practiced throughout the world. 010921
Ahmad this is 4 u abu, its me ahmad 020730
ryro jump to your death and spare the world your idiocy - in doing so you make room for one more idiot. Nope - they can't be stopped - only marketed to. 020731
Ahmad dumass 020808
OracleVIII rocco... 031103
Smurf A person is smart, people are mad panicing animals.

endo What is wrong with me? A simple emotion and I couldn’t even accomplish that. I guess I’m unlovable. That’s all I wanted. Love. Why is it so hard to get someone to love me? Why is it that the only woman I’ve ever loved can’t or won’t reciprocate? Why does she keep leading me on like that? Doesn’t she know what she is doing? I’m being driven to the point of hating love. That feeling (or lack thereof) frightens me. My heart is slowly being replaced by cold metal. I’m being filled with this rage that is eating me up inside. “FRIENDS”. Yes the only other word men hate to hear besides ‘impotence’. The dreaded “Fword. “I only want to be friends”, she said. “We can’t be more than friends”, she said. Well…Bull Fucking Shit!!!!
If that’s what you want’, I said. OK, so I’m a fucking idiot! Sue me!!
le dot private
In Athens, an idiot was a person who declined to take part in public life, such as democratic city government. Since such activities were considered honorable and could directly affect all citizens, "idiot" became a term of derision.
ofsuch come on down, and see the idiot right here 060914
barefoot revoultionary yes i am.

dont think.

just do.

stop thinking. fucking moron.

not. that. easy.

i should go into fetish porn. then i'll get PAID when people hurt me.

but of course not. ive made my bed now ill go fucking die in it.
what's it to you?
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