s very interesting.

what do i do now?
kyo yo! 990328
kirstin is the best letter in the alphabet. 990329
Daniel T h e n i c k n a m e o f o n e w h o i s v e r y d e a r b u t v e r y f a r h a s m a d e m e t h i n k a n d r e e v a l u a t e m y p o s i t i o n i n f r i e n d s h i p s l e t ' s s e e , i h a v e n o i d e a w h a t e l s e h a s t o d o w i t h t h e l e t t e r w . 991108
kari a name i call myself. (or silly) 991209
thelocalman i dont wanna be krippledkracked.shoulders wrists knees& back 000504
Oz Ha Ha Ha this is a funnie letter "k "k "k??? 000610
klarchen K.

This is my blanket.

My fuzzy blanket that I like to wrap around my shoulders when I am cold.

A familiar cover,

one might say clever,

another might say pathological,

more might say childish,

some might say obsessive,

and others might say "cute" or something of that nature.

I will not wrap myself in the blanket when I am in a state of seriousness.

No, I only reserve my blanket for spells of shivering sillinessness.

K, my blanket of a letter.

My cover.
LeVi Hello?
Yes, I have something to write.
I have been associated with this object for a year and a half and I still can't understand whatever it's saying. It's a glowing sphere of happiness and life worth. It's just smiling at me and speaking in a foreign language. Maybe I am just a loser prick who takes things too personally or perhaps I'm not supposed to know. Whatever it is, the feeling of confusion needs to stop.
You know what it feels like? shackles.
Yes, shackles holding me down in the desert. Theres a small table about 6 inches outside the area in which the shackles will let me go. On that table, there is a glass of clear, cold, very needed water to quench my thirst and dehydration which is sucking the life out of me. You know what happens if the shackles become loose? The whole world goes into upheaval. The key to those shackles is in my pocket.
Hmm...which do I choose? Loosening the shackles to get a glass of water which might just be a mirage due to my extreme thirst and destroy the world, or sitting there and dying. For the whole time knowing her I have been waiting to die.
For the past couple of months, I have broken this certain situation down several ways. You wanna know what I came up with, sista?
Let me explain what the little baby toys that you played with long ago can teach you. You know that plastic ball that stretches apart in the middle?
And the pieces that come with it are supposed to be put into the ball through several holes in that certain ball? Well, the holes around the ball are different shapes.(Square, circle, triangle. You get the idea.) And the pieces that are included with the ball are different shapes as well. You then proceed to put the shapes into the ball until all of the pieces are inside the ball. When completed, everybody is happy. Oh, you wanna know what exists inside the ball according to those little pieces? Eternal happiness and a general feeling of being complete. I just realized something. I am the square piece and she is the triangle hole in the ball. Looks like I'm shit out of luck. My way inside the ball isn't through her. Why have I been wasting my time for a year? I don't know. But anyway, she will probably know why I did the things I did when she reads this. Sometimes I still don't want to go to her new place. Now she knows why. Time will help me alot.
Just give me time.
d the burning of one million quid. 001226
phil pound 020727
phil 000 020727
phil today 020729
kookaburra his feet.

one day poor little pary was walking along when he stepped upon a nail. it pierced his foot, and then as sat crying helplessly_______
kookaburra oops, how did that post get here?
this is really weird...the blather gods changed my direction...
wch&Personnel are you hungry. 041112
krea kkk took my baby away, took her away, away from me 070207
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