vicious my
who me? like a twitch before dying like a pornographic scene... 000114
dying ready
Aaron killing my self every day......cause as soon as your born you start to die....killing my self in every way... that's why the born and dying are obsolete.....and your eather one or the other....so here i stay in the torment of life....living to just to die and dieing to live...life's a waste if you can't enjoy the taste of deaths milk and honey laced in poison......enjoy the love enjoy the hate enjoy the forbidden fruit's bitter taste... cause if your living then your already dead...enjoy it while you can....stop trying to get a life...cause your just trying to die... and i'm already dead...so i will do as i like...without fear of persocution or worry of others oppinions.. it's my life....as it should be...it's my funeral.. and i'll do as i like.... and i believe you should feel the same..... 011111
[remy] Ophelia was a tempest, cyclone, a god-damned hurricane
Your common sense, your best defense lay wasted and in vain
For Ophelia'd know your every woe and every pain you'd ever have
She'd sympathize and dry your eyes
Help you to forget
rob dying.

like fading, the silent rush as a flame sinks through muted blue

to a before
Haley I wonder what it was like for my mom to watch her mother dying. She was seventeen at the time, and the anniversery was yesterday. I mean I know it was awful, but I would like to know exactly how she felt. Is thst weird or morbid? 021003
amy fade into the night
give chase to drifting taillights.
scream for what was ahead and what was left behind
and weep for me.
michelle i'm dying every day, keeping tally by the marks on my wrist. 030319
silentbob underneathe these clothes i am dying 030729
SiLeNtScReAmEr whisper haunting creepy scary loving cut wrists bleed death burn forget remember taunting new mark nude smoke kill die silently_screaming.... 040227
melting_liquid_ruby I am gone. I have fallen. I am dead. Mentally. Leave me alone. Stay away. Busy spray-painting all my clothes black. I will be invisible. And no one will know i'm there. I will die, no one will care. I will trip on the traps i set up for myself, not knowing. And I will fall onto the deep abyss of nothing. Just to be numb. No more feeling. No more logic. No emotion. To die. To sleep.
forever more.
noname while i am dying i think of this.

what could be worse than coronation street?
hsg what doesn't work 080421
jio jio 100215
fghio fghio 101116
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 141204
what's it to you?
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