tazfab i live in torment thinking of one person, one person i once betrayed and then nurtured, and then lost. 001215
misstree all night,
among quiet marble and flowers that never die,
i think of nothing but
her face
as you look into it,
her hand
in yours,
her nervous giggles,
her stories of virginity lost,
her arm curling around you in the car.

nowhere in this
handful of coals can i find
you looking at me,
taking my hand,
stroking my arm,
smiling at me,
putting your arm around me,

showing me
that i was anywhere,
within you.
blue star You are so sweet to me. like carmelized sugar. why are you so nice? Why am I special to you?

You're not someone that I'm supposed to like. I never thought that that kind of thing would make a difference to me... but it is right now. it's making the difference.

Your spirit is so heartbreakingly sweet, and stupid, and guileless. Why are you wasting it on me?
little fury bug
i swear to god if he talks about her one more time, i will rip my heart out, stick it in a box, and fed-ex it to him.
kitten go mew my sisters tormented me when i was little.
they confused me to no end.
i used to think i was a little boy who had a sex change.
oh blather.
misstree *shudder*
i had forgotten that i wrote that.
some betrayals are best left dead.
Death of a Rose is here. 040309
Best to not. All torment directed at me shall return to the tormenter tenfold, without my having to lift a finger. 080522
unhinged when you feel like it isn't good enough, do something about it. 080522
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