For sure! it's the english word for elevator, but who cares, since i'm not english! 000713
Agent008 pick up 010118
.sunshine. me. 010505
kid andre Discreet bump. I brush by and mutter a weak "excuse_me". She thinks nothing of it. I let it slide into my pocket.
I don't look back.
Topher Portlock
I lift
If I lift
So if I lift
So I lift
Cause I lift
Because I lift
Out because I lift
Dead because I lift
Alive so I can lift
Strong so I can lift
I try so hard to lift
I am diligent when I lift
You wonder about what I lift
I keep up the work and I lift
After I put the item down I lift
I've never dropped anything I lift
I am not a guy who will fail to lift
The things are cool which is why I lift
I walk up the stairs with the things I lift
I walk down the stairs with other things I lift
I help people by being able to handle stuff I lift
I am there for people and even their spirits I lift
If I'm alone I look around and find something I lift
You thought what started wouldn't stop I go when I lift
People benefit from me being the one to pick up what I lift
Even when things have fallen out of reach I grab and I lift
I saw birds take flight and wonder how they fly whenever I lift
As long as I have a good grip on situations infront of me, I lift
Ghosts wanted to get out of their graves and so their coffins I lift
Out from 6 below to infinity above and I'm glad I helped them how I lift
Some old school swing music wasted into the air while they rose and I lift
They wanted graves where the roses never died and the doors to heaven I lift
I think I should sometimes do more than lift but I think how I start and I lift
The more my eyes smoke from pain and pleasure of lifting, I only laugh when I lift
Coming to my senses I think it's impossible to always be able to pick up what I lift
I met celebrity stars and musicians of ancient days. Artists are the next ones I lift
what's it to you?
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