Not necessarily The ROG is ancient and so is that really old tree. 000110
amy and that rock. 000110
typhoid oh, ancient one, tell me how to think for myself. 000110
amy and that that. 000111
somebody that which came before
which promotes a good question,
what have we done with our ancestry?
what does our heritage mean?
grendel and terrible 000709
"Ancient Pagan" Nudity is ancient and if we all had the physiques (both sexes skinny or slightly-muscled) of the the ancients no man or woman would need to wear clothes. Heck, if we were like all those South American and African native peoples we would not have much annoying hair either. Beautiful bodies do not need clothing, except for fun or cold weather. 020504

For a fictional look at what's happened to our ancient heritages and cultures here in the US I would suggest reading Niel Gaiman's "American Gods".
rasp berry i found an ancient sore throat lozenge in the pocket of my old grammar school uniform the other day. 020511
stork daddy you were trying it on? this ancientness 020511
Kitten Ancient comes from the stones,
The earth, the sky.
Beauty settles in the dust,
And we are all lost.
~gez~ wonders of the ancient or wonders of the modern world. which are more wonderful, or is wonder what is on the inside? 020830
andru235 to the chagrin of the fashionable modern
it is an era already ancient
having buried beneath an infrastructure
the promises of a bold new age
talula_rouge Ancient by JLD March 9, 2008

Sister Wood
Sister Stone
Sister Water
Sister Fire
Sister Sand
Grandmother, Gand Ma’am Wind
My ancient ancestors, my whispering roaring kin
teach me the old ways.
Tell me of water that rushes and slashes and smoothes rocks, and mountians.
Tell me of fire that licks and gorges and polishes earth and turns to glass.
Mighty Ancients of worlds gone before, tell me of power and use.
Sister Wood
Mother Earth
give me guidenace,
show me the paths and twists that our old ones traversed, tell me of their struggles, strengths, violence to be.
Sister Stone, Grandmother Wind, Ancient Rivlas, Mutual Strengths,
tell of me of whorship, the Son, The Father, the One true Force of creation.
Tell me His ways, teach me His truths, tell me His nature.
Ancients, Old ones, Wise Sisters, Mother, Grandmother,
anchor your child in ancient wisedom, protect me in a world without God, Grace, Goodness.
Ancient Ones,
hold me in your hands, a child of Wind, Stone, Fire, Water, Sand.
grendel older still, but no less terrible (but all the happier to revel in my decadence rather than revile myself for it) 080310
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