camille I know there is someone i am supposed to tell today, but i don't know who...

My Grandmother died today

Staind_And_Souless Tea
Ham sandwhiches with the crusts off.
Old fashoined crisps where you pour in your own salt.
"Now, Darling!"
Smiling at me whatever I did. Too few visits.
The time I suprised you at Christmas by convincing mum to drive me for 2 hours so I could play carols at your door.
The guilt. The first time your muscles were ever weak it was because u were reachingup to grab the jar for me, because I wanted sweets. Father was too drunk to do so. Your son.
You died of MND. And it's all my fault... I haven't liked sweets since.
Mom who worries It was not your fault. It sounds more like your drunk father's fault for not keeping himself sober enough to care for his kid and sick mother. Don't beat yourself up over this. Please get help (for you and him if possible, he may just be a lost cause). But you were a child. It was not your fault. Try to enjoy the literal and figurative Sweetness of life again. 080816
silent storm "I hope I see you again."

Those are the last words I remember her saying to me. I thought she would see me again. I thought she would be ok.

Or maybe I knew better. Maybe I was just too damn afraid to face the truth.

unhinged olga on red

it has been nine years. all her sisters have also passed. sometimes i still miss her like hell.
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