typhoid salty dry
look to the sky
and cry

salty wet
i will not fret
a banquet

salty sand
i will understand
what i can stand
(what i can't stand)
trakie salt is so gooooood. mmm, i add it to everything. or add a little of sumthin to my salt. either way i''m gonna have a heart attack at 35. 000304
unhinged actually salt doesn't give everyone heart attacks...just people with a certain gene or something like that.

the salt on my eyelashes keeps getting them stuck together.
black-dyed gel product it's hard to type when I have salt on my fingers from eating salt corn chips. Maybe I should switch to a less salty snack. 010618
nocturnal salt makes damn near anything taste better. I love that stuff. when I was little I used to pour little piles of it into my hand and just eat it plain. yum! 010618
frozen salt and sand make nights better- diving and falling and playing forever 010619
phil That is to say, if there were an infinite amount of salt, everything would taste salty, salt would simply be everywhere.

But there is also an infinite amount of other places for that salt to be.

So in the end we get either a liitle above, or a little below absolutely no salt at all, for each given space.

At this particualr point in space, in front of me, there is less than no salt. But there are other things occupying this space. And once a point in space has more than no salt in it then the odds that salt will be in the nearby spaces are increased.

The way I see it, as the salt is raising the probability of their being more salt, it is also raising the probability of their being more probability. And due to an equal distribution of things, like salt and oil and croutons, the salt's own probability reduces over a distance inverse to the distance that the salt occupies. This field of probabality keeps the manifested group of salt intact, with little fluttering around the edges.

Seeing as how it is impossible to seperate the the salt that came from each shaker, and impossible to calculate the number of shakers. It is unreasonable to assume it was possible to know either of these things.

Simply find the odds of their being salt in a given space, and reverse the calculations used to find the amount of salt coming in from an unknown quantity of shakers, in order to find the real quantity of salt. And you will find the odds of their being salt, given a certain amount of salt.

The real question remains, why is there any salt at all?
The answer is of course that nothing occupying the space does not raise the odds of there being nothing around it. That is to say it raises the odds of nothing. Seeing that nothing does not excist, the odds are fairly certain that something will be there.

The unknown base probability (calculated earlier) is no longer important to have once you've proven that nothing has a probability an unknown distance below zero and that no probability can be raised beyond the probability of there being light.
Ivonna H. i can't eat salt or butter because my blood pressure is really high, or atleast it was a few years ago when the doctor told me that. But i still eat both salt and butter, because i really like them. Don't you? 020308
benvolio there is a bridge leading into my town. a bridge that spans three waterways... two nearly desolate and one with water constantly churhing in the wake of gigantic, beast-like barges. along the side i see the piles... i see them every day. the piles of salt... blue. a light baby blue contrasting with the cold, opaque black that is the water. 020311
green eyes to make the potato water boil faster i add salt... 020514
silentbob for your wounds 020514
Glory Box you used to suck salt cubes.

when you two decide what to do let me know.
diz and blood
and tears
and sweat
and sperm

and secrets
amanda and these bitter tears, i swear they're filled with salt... 040627
Fearless Leader there is water, but i dont drink yet

i keep the slightest edge of thirst in my mouth all day,

it keeps me ankored to my senses, keeps me from getting lose or going numb
Abbie Salt has magical powers. 050129
hsg1437 tasty 050129
theapplegirl it was i and it was him
and we
were we in the ocean
and the sun dried the glitter on his back
and his mouth was stung with it
and we were we
licking the salt off eachother's mouths
jordie reminds me of the grungy console in the corner of some diner.
with the classic ketchup, menu, pepper, mustard, napkin liner.
the waitress named Marcia with her eyeliner and tongue-
reminding me that young perhaps is not so very young.
and from the glass panes in the corner I can see the barren land-
the place where in the corner fat flies may fleetingly land.
the clouds above are limping, gray and thick with evening rain-
and below upon the sidewalk scuffs an old man with his cane.
I can tell that time here oozes on like molasses down a glass,
and though it seems that time stands still, it surely must creep fast.
For the young Marcia is not young, and the man with his cane?
Are slowly dying bored and lost, like salt upon a chain.
jack Looking forward to seeing SALT. Cant wait to see Angelina Jolie save the world with a series of pouty stares. 100725
unhinged sorry, as cliche as it might be, she can be my baby mama any day 100725
hsg but_it_has_electrolytes 100725
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