jane your powers overtake the scent i've learned to follow after all this time. it's different this time, something new, something to get excited about. you haven't been eagerly anticipating anything for a long time. you keep telling me that it will be okay, that we'll get through this, but apparently i am not receiving the messages you are sending to me. i am sending all sorts of messages back.
"i'll use you and i'll confuse you and then i'll lose you, but still you won't suspect me." -- velvet_goldmine
scintillare what they want. everyone does, but never will have. we have only the power over our selves. 031203
stork daddy it's a power to make other people care when you don't. you can crush them by letting them know that they fell for it again. 040217
:_) manipulation 040217
grendel I've got electric light
and I've got second sight
I've got
of observation...

Sintina I don't have to change others but

I do have to change myself and changing is half the battle
what's it to you?
who go