Tess fell is good, see: falls.

fell in love, fall in hate.
fall again, fall more.

you can fall (you will remember).

serendipity smooch today
dichotomy except heartache
Tank i think one could say that i fell off the sanity wagon this weekend. (why does it have to be so bloody thin, there's barely room to move around there...) 000726
whirligirl that (not Tank) was dumb.
attention-getting mirroring revereing crapola.
the one you opened your arms and I fell deep. I know that we shouldnt be together but sometimes it seems so rite. I just hope that we can stay like this forever... or maybe just a little while 010715
l o s t yeah i know how you feel the one. but in my situation. it does last a LITTLE while and i emphasize little. then it's gone as fast as it came. 010823
the one they told me not to care, not to let him rule my world. but do i ever listen and will i ever learn? no..of course not because in my mind its different, in my mind we're the exception. but for all the times i never listened, i wish i would've heard you just this once. 010928
kill rhythm i fell in love. bad me 020505
me falling down is what happens when you loose your footing. it hurts yout bumb bumb 021127
Whitechocolatewalrus I really did fall today. I jumped off the ledge and landed with my feet on the ground and then I was sliding on my stomach and hands, it kind of hurt considering it was on the sidewalk. Andrew laughed at me and I laughed at me, but it kind of hurt. 031106
bloody potato chip fell free of the vehicle before it went over the edge 040101
Death of a Rose what a tidal pool love must be, for to fall into it without creating ripples.

concrete face planting is not funny.
Megan I told myself not to.
But I did.
And it hurt so bad.
Even after I pick myself up.
It stil hurt.
It still burned.
Bits of the pain forever embedded inside of me.
Even after I healed the pain was still there.
Pushing at me.
Dragging me down into a bed of unhappiness.
Where I will drown.
And then maybe then the fall wouldn't seem as bad.
the awful truth I'm lonely. I got nobody to tell.
You know i'm fucking shivering in my own private hell.
And im waiting for you come and ring on my doorbell
to help me up. Because I fell.

Hit the ground after flying
Smoking up the clouds
Wondering if you're planning on coming back around
an I been hoping
I could see you
maybe for a j, a cigarette
drive through the park
Barely saw you yesterday.

And I don't know
what you given me
but it makes me sick
I been coughing up this shit, this blood
since you been with me
last night
fucking dripping
spinning in my sheets
i don't think
i can stomach it
well i can't take the heat
of my bedroom
it's freezing
i'm a fucking mess
Last night I got sick more than twice. i just forgot about the rest.

And when I wake up
in the morning
well I'm a fucking whore
I am stumbling, now I'm crawling
for that bathroom door

And i'm sitting, now I'm waiting,
in my own private hell,
And I'm bleeding
cause I cut my head open when I fell
and darling
you know
I got some shit to tell
Well I know I said i'm OK
but I could use some help

Won't you lift me
on your shoulders
Darling drive away
down the highway going faster
We are finishing the day
with the top down
and it's pouring
I don't give a fuck
Cause when I fell
then you came and
picked me up.
what's it to you?
who go