newguy Tank is a local miscreant who is enigmatic by nature, yet she will bust your ass if you give her the chance 000405
Tink got a new hat a few months ago. thanks to a tink. tink and tank. tinkywinky and tankywanky. "these trousers make my legs look like sausages." 000405
Johnathan Alowishes Lauren she makes me go :-)
and :-(
sometimes i want to :-p her
and the she gets me all :-
but i will never be :-| towards her
she's one hell of a broad i tell ya
SomeoneElse According to Maureen, Tank is a "god-rejecting, pagan-worshipping, heathen-slut-whore from hell."
I think I may agree with her. But then, what would I know..?
Tank Is a four foot, 300lb midget with orange pubes which she likes to delicately microbraid.
Her underarm hair grows rather fastly and has a strange green aura about it.
She smells sweetly of last weeks garbage after it's been in the sun for a week.
She has 7 eyes, all the better to undress you with.
Her ears are such that Nellie and her don't speak anymore since she did Nellie out of first prize.
Her breasts are concave and blue. She have also tattooed them with fishes.
Her fingernails are always filthy and she has beach tar on her feet.
And her mustache is rather distinctive to say the least...
Tink has helped me out spectacularly recently. she really deserves a vacation. she works too hard. newguy, on the other hand, does NOT deserve a vacation. we'll let him have one anyway, though.... 000419
Tank THE FUCKING WOMAN!!! 000512
bumba_fuck should be celebrating today 000519
silentbob equals cool 001230
slizylvia please refer to the aquarium supplies section. 030612
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